• Spring changes at RSPB South Stack

    Spring is an exciting time of year at South Stack, and many visitors to the nature reserve enjoyed the unusually warm weather during half-term week. Stonechats are starting to hold territory on the heath, choughs are actively renewing their pair bonds, and we’ve seen guillemots and razorbills on the seacliff ledges, though it will be many weeks before they lay eggs.

    We’ve been finishing off the last of the winter…

    • 6 Mar 2019
  • New lease of life for RSPB South Stack

    To walk along the cliffs of RSPB South Stack on a late summer evening provides the release from everyday stresses. The scenes on offer are what photographer’s dreams are made of; a deeply red-coloured sky fading away in the distance, choughs criss-crossing mid-air. Although the nesting seabirds – puffins, razorbills and guillemots - have now left the cliffs there’s still plenty to see. The reserve is now in bloom. The…

    • 30 Aug 2018
  • David Miller - Residential Volunteer at South Stack

    I arrived at South Stack on a dull, wet and windy late Friday afternoon in December and was welcomed by the team here and shown my accommodation, which I have to say is absolutely brilliant, perched up on the cliffs with sea views. It’s a good place to enjoy the wind too, which is part and parcel of the experience here. Rain isn’t unknown either and so acclimatising to and exploring the island at the week-end was challenging…

    • 14 Dec 2015
  • Signs of Spring at South Stack

    The weather is finally warming up and the Spring birds are starting to arrive. Up to five thousand guillemots can often be seen on the cliffs - they have been coming and going since January but won't stay permanently until they start breeding sometime in April.

    Guillemots on the cliff

    Razorbills have also recently arrived but like the guillemots won't stay until they start breeding. A pair of peregrine falcons…

    • 18 Mar 2015
  • What makes an RSPB Volunteer?

    Within the RSPB volunteers are an important part of the day to day running of all aspects of this wonderful charity.  From working on reserves, administration, people engagment to working in the shops and cafes, without volunteers we wouldn't be able to continue giving nature a home.

    Here at RSPB South Stack we recently had an awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work put in by our volunteers over the years, which…

    • 20 Sep 2014
  • All a flutter and wonderful Reptiles at South Stack

    The team here at RSPB South Stack have been enjoying the sunshine and so have the wildlife. Last week an adder slithered up to the visitor centre, a rare treat to see these secretive reptiles up close.

    The adder, Britain’s only venomous snake is quite common throughout the UK and lives in bushy undergrowth which makes seeing one tricky. Although venomous, these snakes are non aggressive only attacking when provoked or…

    • 24 Jul 2014
  • Conservation Grazing at South Stack

    Hi Everyone, For the past few years from September to November we've had a flock of sheep grazing Holyhead Mountain as part of our close shepherding conservation grazing programme. We're excited to announce that this year we've been able to double the amount of grazing and so from mid July to end of November, our flock of Hebridean sheep will graze the mountain as part of our close shepherding project. Our Shepherd…
    • 8 Jul 2014
  • Latest news from South Stack

    We have much to report since our last blog to keep you updated with the latest news from South Stack Cliffs.

    For those of you that have visited us over the last two months, you may have been some of the lucky few to catch a glimpse of our peregrine falcon nest. We were lucky enough to follow the chick’s progress right from hatching to fledging on Thursday 19 June. Both adults and chick are still being seen in the…

    • 4 Jul 2014
  • Stay out late for Big Wild Sleepout

    It was a great start to half term week with both our seabirds for beginners and optics events drawing in the crowds and getting people closer to the wildlife here at RSPB South Stack Cliffs. Guillemots, razorbills, puffins, shags, kittiwakes, and fulmars were some of the wonderful seabirds we learnt about on our seabird walk, and the retail team were helping the public with expert knowledge on the various binoculars…
    • 31 May 2014
  • Optics Weekend RSPB South Stack

    Our Wonderful Ellins Tower with the Lighthouse in the background.

    On the 24th,25th and 26th of May 2014 RSPB South Stack held an optics weekend. This gave members of the public the opportunity to try out a very comprehensive range of RSPB optics. There were RSPB staff on hand to explain the ins and outs of the particular item being tried out.

    We had a full range to offer (without any obligation) were it was possible…

    • 30 May 2014
  • Sea Cadets, Seabirds and Stunning camera shots!

    This Sunday 18 May, RSPB South Stack Cliffs will be attending the Holyhead Sea Cadets event at their base at Newry Beach. We hope the day will bring a great turn out of people visiting the event and supporting the Sea Cadets and local stall holders. RSPB South Stack will be there to tell people about what we are doing to give nature a home and just what you can do to help. Another reminder that the next event…
    • 16 May 2014
  • Holyhead Girl Guides give a helping hand

    It has been a pleasure these last few weeks working with the Holyhead Girl Guides to help design a new wildlife garden area at the South Stack Visitor Centre. The girls have been involved with helping design different parts of the garden area and doing lots of research into the different materials used for wildlife gardening. They've been busy drawing up some rather elaborate designs that Kevin McCloud (of grand designs…
    • 10 May 2014
  • Spring has sprung!

    The recent sunshine has meant a bumper sightings list here at RSPB South Stack Cliffs here is an update of just some of the things you might see if you call in for a visit. Choughs Mr and Mrs Mousetrap have been seen going in and out of their nest a lot more frequently. We have a camera once again on the nest, this time in full colour. Pop in to the Visitor Centre or Ellin’s Tower to follow their progress. …
    • 15 Apr 2014
  • We're migrating to a new facebook page.

    You've probably all noticed that we’re closing down our Conwy and South Stack Facebook pages and we have set up a new ‘RSPB North Wales’ page. We understand that some of you will be disappointed to see these pages go. Here are some questions that you might have about all this change... Why haven’t you just changed the page name? Unfortunately Facebook doesn't allow us to change the name of the page unless you have…
    • 12 Jan 2014
  • Christmas Lunch Menu

    Enjoy a tasty homemade Christmas lunch this year at RSPB South Stack Visitor Centre. Starters are Creamy Garlic Mushrooms served on toasted bloomer bread or Homemade Vegetable Soup served with crusty roll. You will follow this up with a succulent Roast Turkey with traditional garnish or Brie and Cranberry Puff Pastry Parcel, both served with all the trimmings. For Pudding, we offer a Homemade Cream Trifle, Christmas…
    • 7 Dec 2013
  • Special 'Lill' Bird migrates from South Stack

    On Tuesday the 8th of October 2013 Lill one of our flock migrated to Australia, she hitched a ride on a much bigger bird (Qantas). Before starting her journey she stopped off for a feed with the rest of her flock at the 'Mandarin Royal' Holyhead.

    We all had a smashing Chinese meal and everyone was able to say their last farewell. As well as showing pictures of the night I have include pictures of South Stack…

    • 11 Oct 2013
  • BIOBLITZ: 22nd and 23rd of June 2013

    Saturday the 22nd of June we held a Bioblitz at South Stack. This is a snapshot in time of recordings of all wild life. We had experts and the general public pooling their recordings.

    The data was recoded using 'Cofnod'a North Wales Recording Service. Below is an extract from their website and will explain who they are better than I can.

    About Us

    Cofnod is one of four Local Records Centres (LRCs…

    • 29 Jun 2013
  • Sheep Shearing Day June 2013

    Sunday the 9th of June was a glorious day. We held a demonstration of sheep shearing for the public. Events like this demonstrate the versitility of the RSPB.

    We not only protect Birds, Reptiles, Flora and Fauna,  we interact with all wild life. Sheep play a major role in helping to keep the South Stack reserve healthy. They graze the Heather and Gorse to keep the grass at a level where the Chough can reach the invertebrates…

    • 14 Jun 2013
  • Marvellous, magical, mysterious Moths!

    Here are 10 fascinating facts about moths you might not know:

    1) There are over 2400 species of moth in the UK alone.

    Moths outnumber the amount of butterfly species in the UK by over 40 to one.There are over 2400 species of moth in the UK, compared to 59 butterfly species. Moths species range in size between the size of a pencil tip to as big as bat.

    2) Some moths only fly during the day.

    The UK boasts almost three…

    • 6 May 2013
  • Small World

    I started my day at the visitor centre before making my way down to Ellins Tower.

    The scenery is breathtaking I never tire of it, I was to spend the day in the tower with Charlotte our Assistant People Engagement Officer, our job was to meet and greet people. We get many visitors many of which are on holiday, others are mainly people who have come specially to see the nesting sea birds.

    On approaching the tower…

    • 4 May 2013
  • Review 'Looking for the Goshawk'

    This review was posted by Babs (Volunteer at South Stack RSPB reserve)

    The book is 'Looking for the GOSHAWK' by Conor Mark Jameson

    I found this book an interesting mix of a personal story, with some science and history, one mans jurney looking for the 'Phantom of the Forrest'. 

    He visits Germany, Scotland and the USA asking why the birds are successful there and yet so rare in his own part of the…

    • 1 May 2013
  • Wildflowers at South Stack - Part 3

    In the third and final blog of our mini-series about the wildflowers of South Stack, we take a look at Sea Campion and Kidney Vetch.

    Sea Campion ( Silene vulgaris subsp. maritima)

    Sea Campion is a perennial plant, growly mostly on cliff ledges, but it also grows on inland mountains. The campions are members of the carnation family. The narrow, grey-green leaves are arranged in pairs along the stem, and the leaves…

    • 23 Apr 2013
  • Wild Flowers at South Stack - Part 2

    This time, we take a look at three more beautiful wild flowers at South Stack - Thrift, Sheepsbit Scabious and Spring Squill.

    Thrift (Armeria maritima)

    Thrift is also known as Sea Thrift, Sea Pink, or 'Pink Pom-poms' as Charlotte at South Stack has re-named it! It flowers between April and August. In summer, it produces long - stalked, bright pink flowerheads which transform the coastal scenery with extensive splashes…

    • 14 Apr 2013
  • Another Interesting Day at South Stack 02/04/2013

    The day began for me by assisting with a guided walk. The tour was led by Hayley our People Engagement Officer. The weather was very cold but very sunny.

    I play the role of a sort of sheepdog, i.e. I follow up the rear and lookout for strays. We left the centre and made our way down towards Ellens Tower. The tower was built in 1868 by Lord William Owen Stanley for his wife Ellen.

    They apparently used the tower as…

    • 10 Apr 2013
  • Wildflowers at South Stack - Part 1

    It won't be long until the wildflowers at South Stack are out, but in the meantime, have a read through this blog and find out more about the Lesser Celandine, Blackthorn and Scurvy grass.

    Lesser Celandine ( Ranunculus Ficaria)

    Flowering between March and May, a true harbinger of Spring, the Celandine is sometimes called the Spring Messenger. It is the first of the buttercups to appear and is easy to recognise…

    • 7 Apr 2013