Our Wonderful Ellins Tower with the Lighthouse in the background.

On the 24th,25th and 26th of May 2014 RSPB South Stack held an optics weekend. This gave members of the public the opportunity to try out a very comprehensive range of RSPB optics. There were RSPB staff on hand to explain the ins and outs of the particular item being tried out.

We had a full range to offer (without any obligation) were it was possible to observe the differences between the various types on offer. We had a range of Spotting Scopes as well as Binoculars.

Above is our Retail Manager explaining the optics to two young ladies. I accompanied the man trying out the scope down to Ellins Tower were the thousands of sea birds afforded him a better opportunity  to see how the scope performed.

We got someone else very interested in the scope. A pigeon was determined to see what we were looking at! I felt very flattered and privileged. 

Below are a few pictures showing how popular our reserve is. We were so busy we had to control the traffic up and down the lane using radios.

Above you can see Hayley our People Engagement Officer coordinating the cars.

The pigeon as you can see decided to come up to the Visitor Centre, he obviously wanted to see our full range of optics.

As ever our beloved Chough were ever present.