On Tuesday the 8th of October 2013 Lill one of our flock migrated to Australia, she hitched a ride on a much bigger bird (Qantas). Before starting her journey she stopped off for a feed with the rest of her flock at the 'Mandarin Royal' Holyhead.

We all had a smashing Chinese meal and everyone was able to say their last farewell. As well as showing pictures of the night I have include pictures of South Stack were Lill used to work. This will give her the opportunity  to show her new friends down under where she used to work.

above Lill with Jamie one of her colleagues (of course Lill is the pretty bird on your left).

 more of the flock!

We had a collection and Dave our site manager presented it to Lill

Lill looks to be quite pleased with our gift.

Whilst going to my car for my camera I came across three marauders outside taking in the evening air. they are: from your left, Kathy Seamus and Lynne.

From left to right 'Lynne our catering manager' 'Lill our migrating special bird' and 'Kathy second in charge'

Above Lill, Dave the Site Manager and Hayley the People Engagement Officer

Lill with Denise our site Warden

Lill with some of her friends and colleagues  


The Cafe where Lill used to work. the lady in the picture may be Lill, I can't quite make her out. Only kidding, below is the same cafe after the RSPB have spruced it up a bit!

At work!

above is a view of the South Stack reserve. The name 'South Stack' refers  to the name of the rock on which the Light House is built.

Your route to work Lill

Below some nostalgia pictures for Lill whilst she is in Australia

Above is our other special bird just saying goodbye. 

Well you have done it now Lill. What will we do? If you want to ever see again the flower below (not a match for you of course) you will have to see it at South Stack because this is the only place in the world were it grows.