The recent sunshine has meant a bumper sightings list here at RSPB South Stack Cliffs here is an update of just some of the things you might see if you call in for a visit. Choughs Mr and Mrs Mousetrap have been seen going in and out of their nest a lot more frequently. We have a camera once again on the nest, this time in full colour. Pop in to the Visitor Centre or Ellin’s Tower to follow their progress. Auks There are more and more guillemots and razorbills on the cliffs now with the odd puffin being spotted as well. Saturday was a great day with approximately 4000 guillemots, a couple hundred razorbills and 3 puffins, compared with today’s (Sunday’s) bare cliffs. It is amazing when they decide to go out to sea they all go, leaving the people engagement team to tell unbelieving visitors that the cliffs were full with sea birds just the day before. Reptiles With a couple of nice sunny warm days on site this week we have lots of sightings of common lizards with a few people managing to see an adder basking on the steps down to Ellin’s tower. Be sure to look along the side of the paths to see if you can spot one of these secretive creatures. Wild flowers Our wild flower treasure hunt has seen lots of young budding naturalists hunt for the colourful spring flowers out on the reserve at the moment. Ones to look out for include thrift, spring squill, sea campion and lousewort to name a few. Other wildlife Some visitors were lucky enough to spot a small pod of harbour porpoises on Saturday. A red throated diver was seen flying past South Stack Island also. There are quite a few wheatears stone chats and swallows around over the reserve and can be easily seen when walking from the bottom car park. Don’t forget to keep a check on our webpage for some of our exciting summer events here at RSPB South stack cliffs. For regular updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter.