Wondering why we needed to knock part of the existing building down at South Stack?  Why could it not simply be renovated?  When the RSPB purchased the Cafe and buildings at South Stack the rear of the property was a family home and the layout of the building was not well suited as an office, for storage or to receive deliveries.  Also, visitor numbers have increased vastly over recent years and it is well documented that our toilets were not up to the job and our septic tank was unable to cope with such heavy use. 

Unfortunately, the existing structure of the building did not allow us to renovate and improve the facilities to make them suitable for what is needed to support the number of visitors we get.  Issues such as the staircase being on a structural wall and the building not being wide enough to house the number of toilets required.  The layout of the house was not suited to the office and storage space that we need.  The onsite sewage system has failed and needed replacing.

We want to be able to offer our visitors the best possible experience and in order to do this we have chosen a long-term solution which means we are demolishing half of the existing building and replacing it with a new building.  The café will be on one level with new, larger visitor toilets, staff toilets, storage and first floor office space.  The development will provide much improved facilities to the staff, volunteers and visitors.

  Damage to ceiling following a water leak

  All the windows and the render on the building had failed leaving the office walls damp

  Upstairs storage room

  Staff room

  Staff kitchen

  Site Manager's office & meeting room