The weather is finally warming up and the Spring birds are starting to arrive. Up to five thousand guillemots can often be seen on the cliffs - they have been coming and going since January but won't stay permanently until they start breeding sometime in April.

Guillemots on the cliff

Razorbills have also recently arrived but like the guillemots won't stay until they start breeding. A pair of peregrine falcons have been seen near last years nest and hopefully we will have a live camera on the nest this year.

Wheatears have been seen in the last few days - they pass through South Stack in Spring on the way to their breeding sites and return again in Autumn on their migration to Central Africa where they spend the Winter.

                                     Wheatear by Chris Lloyd (

Kittiwakes are starting to return and lots of meadow pipits are passing through the reserve.

We have a live camera on a chough nest and we have seen the chough arranging nest material - they should start breeding soon. The same pair of choughs often feed outside the Visitor Centre window and the male has learnt to feed from a sunflower seed feeder which keeps our visitors entertained!

                                         Chough on nest on live camera

The first peacock butterflies have been sighted and celandine and coltsfoot is in flower. Lizards can be seen beside the paths and adders will be emerging from hibernation on the heathland. However, the question on everyone's mind is 'When will the first puffin be sighted'?

Mo Blackburn - Volunteer