In my garden.....

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    Thanks Gaynor, yes the little bluetits are always fist to investigate they must be the nosiest out all the birds lol....Hope you made it back out with the pastry today although as you say it blowing a hooley!!! Am glad I filled all the feeders late on yesterday!

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  • A couple from yesterdays blustery day...not that you can tell!

    poor RRB

    And some from a rather miserable grey drizzly day today

    Blending in....

    A little ray of sunshine.....

    there was actually a little brightness late afternoon...

    I took this pic all excited that I would get many more of the wee yin and then the camera said "battery exhausted"

    God damn you!!! Time I changed battery he was offski

    found him on a conifer later on

    another lovely visitor  today...flew staight to a feeder

    and managed to get a piece of suet then eating it here. Never saw a thrush on a feeder before!

    and that concludes another day .....

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • lol @ "Not that you can tell"... poor beggars almost being blown away. Well spotted with the Sprawk, and the Goldcrest hidden away in the foliage
  • He/she must have been hungry Linda to eat from a feeder, just as well it found some suet to fill a gap in it's tummy:-) It blew that much yesterday that the birds couldn't feed properly and then today when they were having a good nosh in came a sprawk just before bedtime, didn't get anything though:-) Keep that battery charged, love your garden pics.

    Lot to learn

  • Linda you only got the one photo of the wren but what a beauty
  • Thanks all

    @PB...I watched sprawk fly over the garden to the tree so i cheated ..

    @Gaynor...Poor hungry thrush is always being bullied by the BBs..I have 3 batteries now , just need to learn to change them quicker lol

    @ILR..I got a few of Jenny wren it was the goldcrest in the foliage I was raging about cos only usually get him dancing round the xmas tree

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  • Nice additions. I'm hoping to catch a singing wren this year, but so far they are keeping their heads down!


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    Thanks Nige...good luck with catching Jenny singing...mines is still under the furniture for now!

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  • More brilliant photos, and even with the rain to try and dampen them, but unsuccessfully.

    Nice to see the goldcrest is still a regular visitor.


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    Cheers Mike..lovely sunshine today , been out in the garden for hours listening to the song thrush trying out all its tunes lol

    Wee goldie has competition now for the Xmas tree feeders! All shall be revealed.....

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