A day at the reserve starting in mist and cloud and ending in glorious sunshine

My first visit to Minsmere this year was on Sunday, it started a little gloomy weather wise but we were told at reception that the Bearded Tits were showing well from the path near South Hide. We hadn't reached South Hide when my wife heard them, a group of 20 or more moving along in the reeds beside the path. The light was poor and the birds were constantly on the move in the reeds making a clear shot difficult, but I did manage a few decent images.

The Bearded Tits melted back into the reeds after a few minutes, so we went into South Hide where there were Whooper Swans in the middle.

A little further along and a Robin insisted on having it's picture taken

The Stonechats were showing well along the dune fencing.

After lunch we went to Island Mere and saw this Marsh Harrier, unfortunately the lighting was against me again.

Going round again we ended up at the Public Hide and saw the Whoopers from the other direction, at least the sun was shining now. We were with one of the reserve guides, David I think, apologies if I'm wrong. He was very informative and tried (unsuccessfully) to find the Lesser Yellow Legs for us.

David spotted a couple of Goosanders for us at East Hide.

After David left us we stayed for a glorious sunset.

The Lapwings took off and put on a show for us to end the day.

So ended a splendid day at Minsmere, we did see many other birds including a small group of Red Throated Divers offshore but they were all quite distant.

Best Wishes,


  • Great pictures Trevor. Love the lapwings against the setting sun
  • "A few decent images" hey!!!!!!
    I do like that third shot of the Bearded Tit in the reeds, the Whooper Swans, Robin, Stonechat, Marsh Harrier, Goosanders,
    to name just a few, and the sunset with the Lapwing flying across, you have had a good day at Minsmere methinks:-)

    Lot to learn

  • Well if that is what you call decent shots, I can't wait to see your vey good ones! They are fantastic Trevor. Love the Bearded Tits, Robin, Swans and the lovely sunsets, thanks for sharing your day out with us.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • A fabulous collection of photos, Trevor--thanks for posting. Especially love the Bearded Tit photos; well, they are all gorgeous. I particularly love the sunset photos, too. You could easily have a little extra income by selling prints of all of your pics (or perhaps you already do that!)

    Kind regards, Ann