• Minsmere Update

    We’ve been keeping busy here at Minsmere with many visitors coming to enjoy the reserve. If you’re planning on visiting us here’s everything you need to know before you make your journey 

    Our team is now outside to welcome you at the visitor centre. Come speak to us and we will explain all the changes that have been put in place. Bring your membership cards with you. There is a suggested donation of…

    • 30 Jul 2020
  • There be Dragons!

    Volunteer Philip Riley shares with us his dragonfly sightings from this spring in his local green space.
    • 7 Jul 2020
  • Accessible routes

    Accessibility We have made a few changes to Minsmere in order to provide as safe an environment as possible for visitors, staff and our wildlife. You can view and save our map showing our restrictions and routes attached to the bottom of this blog. W...
    • 12 Jun 2020
  • Re-opening Minsmere

    After a lot of work we have re-opened Minsmere as of last Monday 8th June 2020, but it will be a little different for a while. If you haven't already seen the video about the changes we have made you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=665074787674502

    Thinking of visiting us? To enjoy and help us protect this special place please follow our instructions. If at any point we feel the safety of staff,…

    • 10 Jun 2020
  • My First Visit to Minsmere in 1977.

    Volunteer Philip Riley shares with us his the story of his first visit to Minsmere, back in the summer of 1977.
    • 31 May 2020
  • Finding Escape in Nature- Mental Health Awareness Week

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Vicky shares with us her thoughts and feelings during her daily exercise down to the stream, where shes greeted with fledglings, damselflies and swimming grass snakes.
    • 24 May 2020
  • Starting to identify Bees.

    For #WorldBeeDay Philip Riley, Minsmere volunteer, takes us through how his been learning a new skill in lockdown. Identifying bees! Philip shares with us some of the bees found in his garden.
    • 20 May 2020
  • Minsmere in Lockdown

    Tom Williams, our Conservation Intern at Minsmere, is currently living on site aiding our team with essential work. During his daily exercise and while carrying out essential livestock checks, Tom has been catching up with the nature on the reserve, from sedge warbler to orange tips.
    • 11 May 2020
  • Goodbye, for now, see you soon

    Hi all

    Just a quick note to say that under the government's employee retention scheme i will no longer be posting either here or on our social media accounts for the foreseeable future. I'm really sorry that I will not be able to continue sharing news from my garden and daily walks, or from the wonderful Minsmere staff and volunteers. 

    We will, of course, be back once current restrictions are lifted and Minsmere…

    • 8 Apr 2020
  • Notes from a Suffolk garden

    Guest blog by Linda Hammond, Minsmere volunteer

    Ours is a small garden with a (disproportionally) large pond. Although there aren’t many trees in the immediate vicinity we have a long hedge along one side which is ‘home’ to a lovely gang of noisy house sparrows. Although we don’t get any particularly exotic wildlife here there’s always something interesting going on. 

    We were adopted by a…

    • 8 Apr 2020
  • Lockdown birding: 50 and counting

    In these unusual and difficult times where even most of the staff are unable to visit our wonderful nature reserves, many of us are, at least, still able to find nature around our local area. As you'll have seen from some our recent guest blogs, our staff and volunteers have been enjoying some unexpected sightings on their daily walks and in their gardens.

    I thought it was about time I posted about some of my own…

    • 8 Apr 2020
  • Bird song, water voles and the joys of home

    Guest blog by Vicky Bolton, RSPB Minsmere Learning Assistant

    In January of this year I relocated to the rural town of Halesworth, only a stone's throw from my childhood home near Lowestoft. Being busy with two jobs, I barely spent any time in my new home, let alone in its green spaces. Well, now is my chance to discover what wildlife awaits me in my local patch.

    I’d given myself the challenge to develop my bird I…

    • 6 Apr 2020
  • Missing Minsmere

    Guest blog by Phil Riley, Minsmere visitor centre volunteer

    Its Friday 3 April 2020, my alarm has just gone off on my phone to tell me time to go to Minsmere for duty on reception. Three weeks of social isolation and nearly two in lockdown has passed and the garden has become a haven for humans as much as wildlife. I am fortunate to have a bit of garden for the family of five and dog to share.

    We have two feeder stations…

    • 6 Apr 2020
  • Beeflies and birds of prey star in volunteers' gardens

    As you may have read in yesterday's blog, our volunteers have been busy in their gardens, watching some of the amazing wildlife that we can find close to home.

    If there's one good thing to come from the current closure of our reserves, it's the opportunity to spend more time at home and exploring our local area properly. I know that I've already discovered some new footpaths and unearthed a few potentially productive…

    • 4 Apr 2020
  • A volunteer's wildlife garden

    Guest blog by Peter Phillips, RSPB Minsmere volunteer guide 

    My garden abuts open fields at the back and is edged by a good variety of larger trees, although primarily oak and ash, and a mixture of well established deciduous and evergreen hedges.

    I am lucky enough to get a reasonable variety of birds and this year I have already seen returning chiffchaff and a female blackcap drinking at the pond since my isolation started…

    • 3 Apr 2020
  • And the winner is...

    In these difficult times, when we're all locked away in our homes, bar our one piece of daily exercise, and unable to enjoy visits to our favourite nature reserves, it's great to be able to bring you some good news. The results of this year's RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch have been announced this morning, and there's some news for some of our best-loved garden birds.

    Despite a long-term fall in numbers, the…

    • 2 Apr 2020
  • Robins bring cheer to Stu's happy place

    Guest blog by Stu Precious, Membership Fundraiser


    Hi, my name is Stu. Usually, by day, I’m a Membership Fundraiser for the RSPB and as part of my workload, I can often be found in the Visitor Centre at Minsmere. However, like the vast majority of the rest of us, I’m now effectively under house arrest until some semblance of normality returns. 

    I am fortunate in having a safe place within walking distance…

    • 1 Apr 2020
  • Tracking hidden wildlife

    One benefit of the current closure of our schools and nature reserves is that I am getting to spend much more time with my son, as we both try to work from home. Of course, for both of us the working day is a little different from what we are used to, but I'm lucky that Thomas is happy to get on with the work that his teachers have set, allowing me to find some productive work time during the day. 

    It's far from all…

    • 31 Mar 2020
  • Wildlife close to home

    I hope everyone is keeping safe. 

    In these strange and changing times, it's important for many of us to retain our daily contact with nature, even though we can no longer get out and visit our favourite nature reserves. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then the wildlife will readily come to you, as I have discovered this weekend. Spending more time at home means more time to sit and watch the garden, and yesterday…

    • 30 Mar 2020
  • Where it all began

    In these enforced times of absence from Minsmere, I promised that I'd share a mix of alternative stories, including a look back through the archives. With that in mind, I'll begin by recalling some of my own earliest birdwatching memories.

    My own birdwatching memories go back more than 40 years to Christmas 1977 when I was given membership of the YOC - the predecessor of RSPB Wildlife Explorers - and my first…

    • 26 Mar 2020
  • Adjusting to life away from Minsmere

    Well it's now been a week since my last visit to Minsmere, and it feels pretty strange. Over the last 17 years, I've been privileged to work at this amazing nature reserve in the heart of the Suffolk coast. During that time, the reserve been a massive part of my life. I've seen some incredible wildlife, met some fabulous people, and been able to enjoy daily walks in nature. Now, suddenly, that's all gone, with no time…

    • 25 Mar 2020
  • Minsmere is now closed

    We are sorry to say but with immediate effect today (23/03/2020) we will be CLOSING RSPB Minsmere nature reserve until further notice.
    In line with the latest Government advice on social distancing and cleanliness, we have closed the car park, all trails and the hides to prioritise the health and welfare of our staff, volunteers and visitors.

    The latest information on the RSPB’s response to coronavirus can be found on…

    • 23 Mar 2020
  • Adjusting to life at home

    Firstly an apology for lack of recent sightings updates. As I'm sure you can realise, things have been a little bit chaotic this week as we try to work out exactly what's happening with the current Covid-19 crisis.

    The most important thing at this time is that we make every effort possible to keep everyone safe - our staff, volunteers and visitors. As a result, as you may have read in my post earlier this week…

    • 20 Mar 2020
  • Covid-19 update and important information about Minsmere's facilities

    Following the latest government advice we have made the difficult decision to close our visitor centre, café and shops] to visitors from tonight (Wednesday 18 March). This is to prioritise the health and welfare of our staff, volunteers and visitors.

    These are difficult and unsettling times for all of us but we hope that nature can provide a welcome respite in whichever form and wherever you may encounter it. We…

    • 18 Mar 2020
  • A Mother's Day treat

    Are you still looking for somewhere to take your mum to treat her on Mother's Day? Perhaps you are a mum and would like to drop some hints to family members?

    A visit to Minsmere is always a special treat, but this year we have something extra special for mums: an exclusive guided walk to explore hidden parts of the reserve with our volunteers followed by a delicious cream tea in the cafe.

    The guided walk will take…

    • 12 Mar 2020