Pulling My Hair Out

Hi all my Friends at Minsmere,

Sorry I have not been seen on the Forum for Months,  I had problems Signing in didn't like my password I got it sorted thanks Matt.

Even though I haven't been to Minsmere I have been doing a bit of bird watch out of my bedroom window. I think that there is a Dunnock that has made the bush just outside my bedroom window his home, he is always seen moving around inside the bush flipping from branch to branch. I have a large number of Blue Tits and a number of Great Tits too that come to the birdfeeder just outside my window. They all fly back and forwards to and from the Oak Tree and the is where they sit to eat the seed from the feeder. 

I can not use my Binoculars because I have putted a Muscle in my Right Shoulder. So i haven't even been able to get out in the garden to have a look at my Pond for a month or two, I cannot lean on it to walk with my walking frame. 

With this Lockdown I am feeling that I am pulling my out. the other lockdowns didn't bother me much but this one seems to be getting to me more but I'm trying to keep busy and looking forward to doing the Garden Bird Watch at the end of the month. I bet they within that hour it will be like the other year I don't see hardly anything in the garden.

hope you all stay safe and healthy then we will be all back at Minsmere very soon.

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  • Hang in there. Spring is on the way...

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • Sounds like a tough lockdown for you. The lighter nights are slowly returning - I note that this afternoon, it was still light (ish) at 4.20pm. The birds in your garden are obviously noticing the changes too - Spring is just around the corner. The Blue Tits and Great Tits are already looking quite smart as they have moulted and are now wearing their smart new plumage. Many that I have seen are now pairing up and exploring trees and hollows as they seek out nest sites. Another 5-6 weeks and the first Blackbirds will be nesting. That is how close we are.

    Minsmere I believe is underwater in certain areas - so a tough walk at the moment. Certainly a local walk I regularly make by the R. Orwell is tricky at best - there has been so much rain in recent days.

    I note that the winter geese are now gathering in larger flocks - getting ready for their return trip to Scandinavia/N. Europe and similarly, Wigeon are also busy feeding as they aim to build their weight/strength ready for their journey to their breeding grounds.

    Staying at home is the right thing to do of course. And when your shoulder mends - and Boris ends this lockdown - Minsmere will of course welcome us all back.

    Meanwhile, take care, enjoy the garden birds and stay safe.

  • Good to see you posting Nickbarn, you have done well to get through the worst of the winter, it won't be long now before we are sweltering in February!!! Talking to a few people I get the impression that we are all finding this second lockdown much harder than the first, and hurting your shoulder won't be helping. Have a good garden bird count and Minsmere could be just around the corner.

    Lot to learn

  • I agree with the others--hang in there, Nick. Are you also reading other threads on this forum or following some of the glorious live streams on bird nests, boxes and feeders around the world? There are also cameras on various nests, boxes and bird feeders in the UK, too, of course. We are in our 3rd lockdown in Surrey and I find the forum and various live cams to be enjoyable distractions from the current situation as well as educational, especially if there is a thread here on the forum devoted to them and/or if there is a chat section on a live streamed camera such as those with YouTube channels and/or if they have Facebook or Twitter pages, etc. There are several Peregrine and Barn Owl nest boxes online in the UK. The live stream from the Glaslyn Wildlife Centre, which is devoted to their Osprey nest during the season, is still running intermittently nearly every day, showing a lovely variety of wildlife as well as wonderful views of the mountains. The live stream on an Osprey nest platform near Poole Harbour is also still running, and you can occasionally see various Corvids and other birds on the nest, and also groups of Sika Deer far below and beyond the nest, one or more of which is either leucistic or albino., and which really stand out against the heath vegetation. It is summer down under, of course, and there is a fledged Peregrine at a nest box in Australia who, unlike his brothers and sisters from previous years who abandoned life in the nest box as soon as they fledged, seems happy spending lots of his time in the box off and on, both at night and during the day. There may be more drama to come at a Bald Eagle nest in Florida where there are 2 eggs due to hatch in the next week or two, but the nest has been discovered by a Great Horned Owl. There is a camera on a Royal Albatross nest in New Zealand. The list goes on and on. If you cannot find links have a look at the thread titled Forum Friends etc. (that thread began as a distraction for Loch Garten Osprey fans over the winter and a few energetic people contribute screen captures and videos from various live streams, entertaining many of us until the Ospreys return).

    Kind regards, 


  • It's definitely the weather I think - not much chance of sitting in the garden and getting some sunshine this time of year! During Lockdown 1 we had interesting insects to chase around the garden, at the moment looking out of the window, the only thing flying around are snowflakes! Don't worry, it won't seem five minutes until we're all complaining about how little rain we've been having and how unpleasant all this hot weather has been, but never mind because Digger Alley will be kicking off any day :-)


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  • In reply to Whistling Joe:

    Thanks everyone
    Yes this lockdown for some reseason I am find it tough.

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