Poole Harbour Ospreys 2022

  • CJ7 returns to the nest soon after and is currently sitting on the perch looking round.

    Richard B

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    Alison Copland said:
    What a difference a goshawk makes.

    I wan't expecting that!  Did we ever see one at nest #1 in all the time we were covering it?

    Thanks to reporters and video-ers  


    I took this snap from BART's vid:

    EDIT 2

    Checking thru again frame-by-frame - it might have been a different story had CJ7  not intervened - we trained her well


  • Amazing footage of the Goshawk attack - I took a screen shot which appears to show brave CJ7 had grabbed the wing of the juvenile Goshawk in her talons and pulled it out of the nest giving FH2 a chance to escape!

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    Sorry, Scylla, it took me so long to work out how to post the screenshot, I didn’t see you had already done it.
    (haven’t posted in such a long time but I’m stuck in hospital with just my iPad and dodgy NHS wi-fi…)

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  • Thanks Scylla and birdsong, those photos clearly show how CJ7 took out the goshawk to save her chick. She is indeed a courageous bird. Her instincts and reaction were lightning quick.
  • Thanks everyone for pics and posts. Hope we hear something about the juvie in the next couple of days. If the vet is the person I think it is, he studied videos of the injured Aran at Glaslyn last year and said Aran was doing exactly the right thing as therapy for his wing--namely flying. He knows birds of prey very well.

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Thank you Gardenbirder - you spoke for me too.

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    Hope she continues to improve. Fantastic reaction by all concerned.
  • EDIT 8th August - all sorted, thank you

    Hi there - putting out a call for assistance for the Flight of the Osprey expedition team.

    They're looking for a suitable campsite, or maybe a farmer with a field and an interest in birds, for tomorrow night and the night after when they vist the Poole Harbour Ospreys. Unfortunately the campsite they have isn't suitable as it's too active - noisy - for media interviews, and Paul at BoPH said he can't help them.

    Three vehicles, they basically need a campsite and if poss with loos. Last minute, I know, just asking on the off chance.

    Many thanks... Message me or post here if the thread starter's ok with that.