LOCH OF THE LOWES - June 2024 to end of season

Continued from May 2024

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Since the 9th May, a dark, unringed male intruder (with a distinctive large pupil in his right eye and who the team at Lowes has estimated to be 2-3 years of age) has been a regular visitor to the nest. The Pale Male, who had ‘destroyed’ the three eggs on the 7th/8th May, has not been seen on camera again and it was mentioned that this new young male had chased him from the area.

He has delivered many small fish ‘gifts’ (three in one day on a couple of occasions) and a sizable larger one to NC0 - her calls expressed how grateful she was - but that did not stop her from catching her own huge meal on the 23rd May, to satisfy her appetite. His many mating attempts have so far been rejected by NC0 though this has not put him off from making continuous efforts. The Dark Intruder, as named by staff in the hides on the reserve, is showing great nest building skills - bringing in a multitude of various-sized sticks and soft nesting material.

Although the relationship is in its early stages, NC0 appears to have accepted him as a 'potential' future mate and they have been observed working as a team to defend the nest against seen, and unseen, intruders - all encouraging signs for the beginning of a possible new chapter here at Loch of the Lowes.


Nest Updates 

Arrival dates:  NC0(16) - 8.3.24 (17:52)   Laddie (LM12) - 27.3.24 (16:38)  RIP Laddie (LM12) - remains found 3.5.24   Broken heart

Eggs laid: Egg #1 - 17.4.24 (10:48)  Egg #2 - 20.4.24 (10:53)  Egg #3 - 23.4.24 (20:47)

*Two eggs were destroyed on 7.5.24; the third one on 8.5.24, by an unringed, Pale Male Osprey. All were deemed unviable due to being chilled and left for long periods without incubation


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June to end of season Blogs and Updates (Published dates)

20.6.24: LotL Fb >>> Update re NC0, DI and two female nest intruders

  • 00:20 NC0 sleeping tucked in 


  • 1st June

    Morning All

    It was an early morning wake up call for all around the reserve at 3:30, NC0 was fish calling! I assume this was the male sitting on a low perch of the birch

    She flapped onto the nest

    4:12 NC0 was still calling when the male left the birch

    He continued to head off to the right

    She called after him

    NC0 was quiet before flying off to the birch at 4:15

    It remained ENS until the male made his first appearance on the nest at 5:59, with a small, thin stick. NC0 was not on the birch and I didn't hear her calling


    After pottering about, he left at 6:02

    NC0 to the nest at 6:22

    The male arrived a minute later with a small stick

    NC0 fish called

    He left at 6:25

    The male wasn't gone long before he came back with a long, twiggy stick 

    He fiddled placed it on the front right edge. NC0 was asking for a fish

    He left

    7:16 NC0 remained on the nest and was calling when the male came back -  both feet full of moss

    7:18 Off he went again

    There were no more visits by the male after that. NC0 had stayed on the nest waiting and at 8:52 she flew off to the birch

    She landed back on the perch from there at 9:11

    NC0 quietly preening at present, 9:30. The male has not been back to the nest


  • 10:10 NC0 was being dive-bombed by a very vocal seagull 

    She was still preening

    It didn't last long


  • NC0 left the perch at 10:23 after quietly looking around

    She continued to fly to the left until out of cam view and did not appear on the birch afterwards

    10:50 It has remained ENS


  • Thank you for your detailed update :) 

  • You're very welcome, Ash! 

  • As far as I can tell, it's been ENS since NC0 left this morning


  • I love the photo of Laddie you’ve chosen Sandra for the page opener. Heart️ He looks so majestic. Purple heart

    You’ve done a great job with all of the detail and links you’ve included. Clap

  • Aww, thanks, Glider!

    I wanted to do an open wing capture of Laddie for the OP (just slightly obsessed with those types of pics! lol) and I was in two minds whether to use that one, taken on 30.7.21... 

    ...or this from 26.5.21 - it looks like he was taking a bow

    Both show the wonder of a fabulous, and very much dearly missed, Osprey - they are just as beautiful as each other!


  • 17:29 NC0 to the nest, screeching! She could be heard a little while beforehand when making her approach

    She had a quick preen

    Was there an intruder around? She began to mantle

    She looked around, silently

    She chipped

    And then gave a series of low, short chipping calls before flying away after just over a minute later

    She was just going out of view (left) when an unringed intruder flew in (right) and landed on the nest!

    It chipped on landing

    NC0 flying on the left. Just look at the intruder's back of head markings!

    It chipped again

    And off it went

    Unless I've missed any very brief visits while scrolling through the footage, it's been ENS since