LLYN BRENIG 2 July 2024 - FEBRUARY 2025

Continued from June 2024

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This season so far   

31 March Blue LJ2 returns

1 April Blue 372 briefly visits, 6 April Blue 372 returns and stays

Sadly, Blue LM6 has not returned

Eggs laid

#1 April 23 - 17.40, #2 April 26 - 19.28, #3 April 29 - 15.46


June 2 - 00.52, June 4 - 09.48?  It is not known for certain which eggs these are. My thoughts are these are eggs 2 and 3 and egg number 1 did not hatch. (Left unattended on a frosty night)

However, the consensus among the volunteers is that it is eggs 1 & 2 which have hatched. Llyn Benig is around 1000 feet above sea level so the ambient temperature is around 2 degrees Celsius lower than at sea level which might account for longer hatching times. It has certainly been a cold hatching period. (AG)

Chicks ringed 08/07/24 - 8B8 (M) 1500g 265mm - 8B9 (F) 1620g 291mm

All captures and videos ©️NWWT, Welsh Water, Brenig Osprey Project

RESUMÉ for JUNE 2024

This has been a month of fast change. Two chicks were born at the beginning of the month. On chick 1’s day of hatching, someone was flying a drone in the area and it spooked 372. She alarm called and quickly left the nest with the little chick being thrown to the nest edge as she left. Somehow that wee one had the instinct and strength to move back to the nest cup and safety again.  372 has proven to be a great first time mother. She has gently fed the chicks, given them warmth and shelter and LJ2 has provided well with a variety of daily  fish. There have been the usual intruders which has distracted LJ2 at times from bringing in fish but he would always bring some later on. The chicks are now 4 weeks old and developing very well. There is a hierarchy between the chicks with #1 being dominant over #2, mostly at feeding times. #2 knows to allow #1 to feed first then it’ll get its turn. Gelert KA9(22) son of LJ2 and LM6, was photographed at Dyfi 3 weeks after his visit here on 25 May.

  • 2 July

    05.01 Good morning. LJ2 visited early. He hadn’t been fishing.

    As 372 left for a comfort break, LJ2 took last night’s fish end that she’d been covering.

    05.02 He returned with it a minute later.

    05.03 He fed a couple of pieces to one of the chicks

    05.06 He ate some himself then left again, landing on the tree near to the nest.

    After 372 landed LJ2 came straight back with the fish.

    05.08 372 started feeding one of the chicks

    05.18 the other chick’s turn now


    With both chicks satisfied, 372 ate the rest herself

    05.34 Tail fin munched down.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 06.37 372 has been busy back and forward bringing nesting materials.


    08.51 LJ2 has visited a couple of times. 372 has asked for fish.

    08.54 Home alone. Look at those primaries coming through


    Lots of preening being done by the chicks.

    08.58 More nesting from 372. Of recent, she has brought in the bulk.

    09.01 Time for a rest with the chicks.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 09.42 372 didn’t rest for long. She suddenly noticed something above.

    tracked it

    09.43 then started squawking and chipping furiously.

    she then took off

    another Osprey flew high from the right

    372 flew out in it’s direction and they passed as the intruder kept flying out over the water and 372 in a curve to the right coming inland.

    372 landed back on the nest. She started intruder defending mode again.

    09.47 Things quietened down.

    09.48 a quick sorting of feathers

    09.50 Still watchful. One of the chicks was on lookout duties too!

    09.54 The chick took its duties seriously, checking everywhere!  Smile

    10.07 372 snuggled in with the chicks again.

    10.11 Four minutes later, LJ2 arrived with a live fish. He’d missed all the fun!

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • Latest post from Brenig FB

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 10.12 The intruder was back in the vicinity during the feed. 372 was feeding as normal.

    10.19 LJ2 flew down to chase a crow off one of the feeding posts. 


    10.23 then LJ2 arrived mantling and chipping.

    10.27 LJ2 left

    10.30 he settled on the tower perch.

    10.30 372 continued feeding


    10.38 Both chicks ate


    Feed finished, 372 left for a break.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 10.47 Two minutes later LJ2 collected the leftover fish.

    11.47 He returned with it just under an hour later.

    One of the chicks and 372 fed off it, the other chick didn’t approach 372.


    12.02 372 swallows the tail

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • The next delivery was a whole fish at 15.18

    372 took it immediately 

    15.21 One chick started eating


    15.57 Then the other chick approached for some. This is how the feed continued, turn about.




    16.30 some for 372

    16.39 and that’s the fish finished off.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 17.22 372 has been doing a lot of preening and the chicks look zonked!

    17.31 LJ2 stopped by with a piece of wood.

    18.05 372 cosying in with the chicks.

    18.45 Next delivery was a live fish.


    19.03 Both chicks ate


    Hello there! I think it’s #1.



    19.15 The chick has withdrawn from the feed now and 372 gets some to herself.

    19.24 She stops eating and stands with the fish for a couple of minutes.

    19.25 LJ2 was watching from the tower perch ( clocks are a wee bit out of sinc)

    19.24 LJ2 takes the fish off 372

    And takes it off nest for a feed.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 19.49 Like all good mums, 372 plumps up the pillows for her children.

    20.22 Then brings in more cot rails to keep them safe.

    20.28 There’s just enough room for mum to squeeze in the bed at the back.

    21.39 Having a wee sleep.

    22.03 Dad stops by to check on things and leaves after a few minutes.

    22.26 Current scene.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 3 July

    Good morning. A wet start to the day. A small whole fish from LJ2 arrived at 06.24.

    Vision on the nest was very poor but both chicks had a feed, #1 getting the most.

    The fish can be seen lying horizontally in LJ2’s left talons as he flies in.

    06.25 Both chicks presented themselves together. #1 eating first then #2.

    The feed lasted for only 10 minutes.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP