Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 September 2020

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    Lindybird said:
    At least The Orange Menace managed to give us a laugh, blaming the Forestry people!!!

    I think they should have a giant bonfire ready for him when he's voted out this autumn.  With the amount of hot air he contains he could keep it burning for a very, very long time.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good morning !
    Thanks, everyone, for your news.
    Sorry, OG, that things are still not 'right' at you house. I hope that J and you will hear about blood tests and Xrays.
    No golf here, LINDY - a dull and damp morning.
    Sorry for lack of replies --
    My brother is being discharged home today, with his new best friend - a walking stick. An English speaking doctor appeared on the ward yesterday. Or should I say one that was happy to converse in English? Her husband is British. She said that the loss of sensation in my brother's right side could be permanent which is not what he wanted or needed to hear. He is going to be even more grumpy than usual, I suspect....
  • J had phone call from Doc yesterday to say inflammation indicators do not indicate inflammatory arthritis, Current thought is that he possibly has a post-viral reaction - but he is not being tested for covid or any other virus. We know OH had a real cold, and both J and I had various symptoms but never the complete thing, so we are assuming we both had that in some asymptomatic form. My extra pains have just about faded away, and his intention is to get back to work on Thursday. I don't know where the question of any Xray results has arisen - neither of us were Xrayed!

    Dry weather, so OH is strimming - this is to tidy the front from mowing several days back, although it almost needs mowing again!

    HEATHER - pleased your Bro can go home, but unfortunate that the loss of sensation may be permanent - is he getting any more physio?
  • CLARE - great photos of Woodbridge Osprey - I hadn't heard of there being one there! Will look for Limpy's pics on the other thread.
  • Sorry, OG, I thought that your hip was going to be Xrayed.
    I think that the physios will give him exercises to do at home. They have advised my sis in law not to move a bed downstairs in case he gets lazy/frightened of trying stairs. I would like to think that a home visit by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist might happen, to assess home conditions. I don't like the thought of my quite short sis in law having to cope with my six feet plus brother on a staircase !
  • Morning all:

    Clare: More wonderful and sharp photos. I especially like the second one that shows the wing markings.  Thank you - and Limpy!  Surely you must've entered some photography competitions by now?  Was watching a NOVA program the other night called Eagle Power, which featured a UK guy with an eagle by the name of Tilly, among others.

    OG:  Are you and J over the joint pain now - or at least the worst of it?

    Heather:  I've heard that much of the recovery from (some?) stroke damage happens in the first 6 months, but obviously am not the doc who has seen scans, etc.  Does he have any feeling at all on his left side?  Do hope they can get some kind of therapy in the home?   Does your SiL drive?  

    Yes, California was unfortunate enough to warrant a visit from a Great Orange Twit.  Someone was stressing the need to address global warming and his response was "It'll get cooler...."  (Yeah, Donald, just like the coronavirus will "just disappear.")   But I can't linger on here today - must get out there and clean my floors, rake up those leaves!!!


  • HEATHER - must have been miscommunication when I mentioned the Physio had looked at my past Xrays while we were having a phone consultation - not likely to change now as it's already moving bone on bone - only thing it could do is crumble.

    ANNETTE - my pain is back to normal, J's is improving gradually.. I noticed OH used the leaf blower today - but I think that was mainly to clean up where he had strimmed rather than to gather up Willow leaves - It's a funny tree, it starts shedding as soon as it has full cover - grass always looks untidy under it.
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    Annette - Well, no its not OK really as as far as I know I never sanctioned the transaction (checking my phone I can only say I accidentally pressed something) certainly not for £125.99 they are not worth it and in any case cannot afford it. I'm hoping the supplier will get back to me before the bank reclaims the money and sorts the mixup out for me. I never got one of the sets of drawers. I did say that they didn't arrive with wheels and he said he would send another one out which turns out to be the one priced so high but again no wheels. Honestly I think I may have been stung by this supplier if I can't get any answers from him. Sorry to rant on but at least I can get it off my chest. If they are not forthcoming I will somehow after to jiggle my figures and bear the brunt but I sincerely hope that the problem will be resolved.

    AQ - hoipe you enjoyed your excursion

    Clare - what great captures of the osprey


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Lynette:  Oh my, I must've missed all that - what a pain!  Seriously, do hope things get worked out.  

    OG:  Pain 'back to normal.'  That doesn't sound like fun at all.....

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