Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 21 April 2024


The moon turns full on Tuesday night in the UK and US.

I hope everyone has a good week. 

LINDY, I know what you mean about the changeable weather. It was 80 degrees here this past week, but today everyone with a garden was scurrying to cover the plants because we have a hard frost coming tonight.

It's a shame because we are in the middle of our wild mushroom season, and people have been foraging everywhere. The wild morels are selling for $30 to $75 per pound, depending on the size and quality!

Love and hugs to all!

  • Diane:  Thank you.   Have you tried to forage any of those pricey mushrooms?  

  • ANNETTE: I've contracted pneumonia, so I'm not feeling like foraging. I texted my neighbors and told them they could hunt mushrooms on my land and cook or sell any they find. Glad your family are settling in and Ms D is adjusting well.

  • Geez Diane.  That's not good.  Assume you haven't had the vaccine.....   Do take care and let us know how you're doing.

  • Morning all

    Thank you Diane for starting week and always pleased to read of your Moon stats..

    But NOT pleased to read of your health,Bless you, Prayers and Hugs winging their way to you. Do take great care of yourself , have you been able to see Medical person?

    How very kind and typical of your good self to even be thinking of your neighbours at this time .XXXXXX

    As Annette says, do let us know when you are able to post, of your journey.


  • DIANE – Take care of yourself. {{{HUGS}}}

    Another Sunday escape. I bus-ed into city to photo old buildings & memorials adjacent to Kintore Ave. I captured what remains of the 1851 Police Barracks and the former Destitute Asylum (ie maternity & old folks home of colonial days). A Migration sculpture of a family – father looking forward but mother looking back to the home she is leaving as she holds a child by the hand. Very poignant. So must so many of my ancestors have left or I would not be here. Then the Vietnamese Boat People memorial of mother and son beside a polished granite “boat”. Finally the long long climb back up the steep hill with frequent stops at seats. I wanted the details on the back of our state National War Memorial but a creepy male sidled up muttering, so I abandoned those photos for another day and tottered back to bus and home for lunch & nanny nap.

    Our overnight min temp was 5 C, clear blue sky all day and now mid-pm is a warm sunny 18 C.

  • Diane

    Thanks for starting us off again and sorry to hear you have pneumonia. I have been hopitalised twice with this so I hope you are on strong antibiotics.

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • DIANE  thank you for starting the week.  Sorry to hear you are ill, do take care.

  • Oh Diane. I am so sorry that you have pneumonia. That’s not good. Are you managing to look after yourself? I do hope you are better soon. What a shame you are missing the mushroom foraging season. Thanks you for starting the week under those trying circumstances. 
    AQ - glad you got an outing but sorry it was curtailed by a creepy man. We have to be careful don’t we? He was probably OK but you just never know.

    As Lindy said, we have had a couple of days of nice weather so I have been getting jobs done in the garden. I am pleased with my progress but, each time I do something, I see yet another job!!!! A the sun is still shining so I am off to do another hour. 

  • AQ:  Really good to read you're making time for yourself; sorry it was curtailed.  I do like the sound of the migration monuments though - especially the woman looking back....    

    Took Ms. D to the local 'exploration' museum yesterday only to find out she's outgrown the place, not to mention being the tallest kid there.  We shuffled around in a desultory fashion then came home.  We got in for less because the top floor - outdoors - was being rented out for a wedding so I didn't feel so bad about the trip.  Taking her to church this morning to the place they've been going since they moved and where granddaughter complains the attendees (mostly Hispanic families) tend to chat throughout the service. Reminds me of the Italian Mass I went to decades and more ago.....   Waiting to hear when granddaughter is heading back from AZ; we'll be checking the traffic around Indio for the post-music festival backup...   

    Thanks all for news of gardens, etc.... Take care!

  • Diane - dismayed to hear you've got pneumonia. As others say, I do hope you're on strong.meds. My OH was once hospitalised for that when he was much younger. 

    AQ - Your trip sounded interesting. Loved the  idea of the memorials. 

    We've had a sunny dry day (remember those?!) so an opportunity to garden. Planted some daffs into the ground which were in pots but had few heads on them as not buried deep enough, I reckon. Planted the daisy I bought in Wales, in a sunny spot.