Continuing THOMO's LG feeder, and including other cams as per title.

First, some LG feeder snaps & vids from the past couple of days.

Female & male GSWs, joined up by trickery - you may notice that the peanut tube is misshapen Stuck out tongue winking eye

Nasty Great Coal Tit:

No trickery for the 2 Blue Tits:

Now for the torture - I just cannot figure out Greenfinch or female Chaffinch:

This was in flight so has had to be sharpened a lot:

Little vid:

No mistaking the evening Crestie!


  • Interesting, IMHO, snippets from other cams.

    A MOJAVE BACKYARD tended daily by the resident human family.

    EDIT - This is the micro-weeding one - the one I'm inserting after is more typical:

    A mother and offspring Cooper's Hawk are frequent visitors, separately - they both really love the "oasis":

    The youngster:

    Greater Roadrunner - as seen in TV cartoons, which I've never watched Stuck out tongue winking eye

    Bobcat!  One appeared the very first morning I started downloading the cam, then I had to wait until a couple of days ago before it appeared again:

    Coyotes!  This was the most I've seen so far, sometimes there's only one:

    I thought they had iguana-like reptiles creeping to and fro - but they turned out to be Ground Squirrels, who keep a very low profile, literally - here was one burying/digging up stash in the same spot - or was it one burying and another digging up?

    Specially for TREVOR - lotsa Woodpeckers at Cornell's Sapsucker Woods, NYC, feeder:

    Our usual off-season feed at the Czech Makov Rescue Station has been pointed at the Stork's nest and nothing much happens there - not when I've been looking, anyway:

    I do hope y'all will freely add snaps and vids from the wealth of critter cams on the internet, thus brightening our off-season till you-know-whos return.


  • You have been working hard Scylla  and i thought you had been sneaking OFF

    Ha Ha      PS. Greenfinch

  • Greenfinch


    What happened to the Grubb

    Now as you can see I cannot compete with you Scylla 

  • Your snaps come out nice 'n big when clicked on, and it's no trouble Blush

    Anyway, hardly anyone has the time to waste competing with my laboured-over snaps, they've got better things to do.  But it keeps my head above water Smirk

    I've inserted another Mojave Garden video above, it shows more typical work done every day by the hosts.


  •  That's my feeder get off

    I was here first

  • I've just set Glaslyn's 2 cams to download, but rolling back on YT thru the past 12 hours it seems that not much "looking around" has been done - found a zoom, maybe there were more but Chat is totally off-topic so no help there.

    24 September

    Activity with ladders under the LG feeder - FF'd and lots of inactivity cut out:

    One Crestie seen during the dim damp morning, then TWO on the perch in the early evening - but only one of them ate:

    My RSPB cams have been switched off a lot because they've been dropping out so much.


  • It's a pity when chat gets taken over by off topic groups ?
    When the goshawk chat is not used

    Nice Crestie's 

  • Mojave

    There were a lot of mice and rats about last night - they had scattered and dug themselves in when 2 coyotes arrived but the coyotes weren't willing to admit defeat:

    Then !!!  A panther Astonished  Which turned out to be a big black pussycat, after the same prey - it spent nearly 10 minutes not catching anything, unless it got something in the dark area at the back: