Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 September 2020

  • Brilliant, Aquilareen - especially the second one. I'm the one who remembers - in fact, we celebrate 21 years of bondage (marriage) next week. One of us has got the patience of a saint!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good Morning. Misty here, can't see the fields. My OH has gone out for his walk but hope he doesn't lose the dog!!

    I heard a comedian say about his Wedding Anniversary that "Murderers get a shorter sentence"

    Lynette, sorry it's been a horrible experience over the bank problems - hope it gets resolved.
  • Off to the gym (!!!!!!!) shortly so I'll catch up with you all later.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good morning. October mag typing is building up - need to set myself a timetable each day. One big surprise (and this one is electronic copy) is an update from our minister just four days after open heart surgery! He has been discharged a day early as the hospital (in Liverpool) is going back into lockdown.

    One piece of normality - OH has gone to the recycling centre this morning - by appointment, of course!

    LYNETTE - sorry you have got into a complicated situation with online order - maybe you would do better to use the bigger screen than your mobile, it would be easier to see when you are clicking "yes".

    AQ - can't comment on marriage quotes - just to say I am the rememberer in our partnership!

    CLARE - congrats for next week as I might have forgotten by then!

    LINDA - a few slightly misty mornings here, but nothing thick enough to lose a dog! Hope OH and Bonnie return together!

    So, on with the typing - will start with Church Gardener's regular poem as that is the shortest so I will have a sense of achievement!
  • See our local football team has four men down tested positive! I wonder (not) why it has affected so many professional footballers in Scotland? Silly boys!
  • In reply to Lynette:

    LYNETTE Sorry to hear you have had transaction problems. Hope things are sorted out to your satisfaction.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Hope Bonnie keeps tabs on your OH. I am sure she won't want to lose him!!!
  • LYNETTE - I'm sorry about all the bother you've had. OG has a point about using a bigger screen, if you have one.
    Years ago, I ordered two new office chairs instead of just one...
    OH - Good that you and J are both better.
    ANNETTE - my brother has what he describes as pins and needles all down his right side but has more power in his right hand so that can only be a good sign. He has a lot of new meds, moaning about that of course !

    Grey day here. I tripped on the stairs early on Monday morning so limped to Tesco this morning. Nothing to complain about but I must learn to move a bit more slowly, maybe!!

  • Morning all:  Sounds like many of us are 'in the wars' as my mum would say.

    Heather:  Re your bro - that is encouraging - I'd think.

    Clare: The person with the patience in our house isn't me I'm afraid, but maybe that's because OH is a world-class procrastinator:  "Let me think about it," being his favorite response. (Between you and me, I've stopped asking about some stuff.)

    OG:  Wow,  That's amazing about your minister.   I've tried using timetables for various household chores and it really does help; stops me from overdoing it in the garden.  Not that I've been paying any attention to the garden what with all that's been going on inside the house, but they're forecasting a definite cooling trend this weekend, so it's on my list.  I'm also limiting my time writing letters to Democratic voters (who haven't voted recently) in various states otherwise it gets tedious.  We're provided with a typed introduction and have to add our own handwritten "story" about the importance of voting in a couple of sentences.  Envelopes are handwritten too - and we supply the stamps.  Our group here (coordinated by a larger national group) has completed more than 1,000 letters so far.  Meanwhile, one of my friends up north is writing letters on behalf of the Sierra Club (a nationwide conservation group).  I like it that your church gardener is also a poet.  

    Still wondering how bjane and wendyb are doing.  Also Diane and her fight with the powers that be, which are heavily Republican in Indiana.....

    Misty here today; have worked up a list for groceries, but it's the same old same old and I'm thinking I should be more adventuresome.  Sigh.

  • HEATHER - if you have twisted your ankle again, do get it looked at - you know you regretted not doing so before!

    ANNETTE - I knew your basic political leaning, but didn't realise you are an activist trying to persuade others. I too have been feeling I need more variety in our food, but I sat with the next meal plan this afternoon and still ended up with the same old. Can't expect OH to try to be adventurous since he has to do the cooking, and taking account of J's many dislikes, it is difficult to change!

    OH did some more garden tidying this afternoon, so I sat out for some fresh air and sunshine - quite good to wave to kids on their way from school etc.