LOCH OF THE LOWES - April 2024

Continued from March 2024

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It was a very welcomed surprise to see NC0 arrive back from her wintering grounds on the 8th March, her earliest return to date! NC0 kept herself occupied while alone - catching some impressive-sized fish to eat as well as preparing the nest in readiness for future eggs. To note, her severely split blue darvic ring (as seen last season) is missing and she now only wears a BTO ring on her right leg.

It was a nail-biting time for us waiting to see if dear Laddie would make an appearance too and, little did we know, that it would be a further 19 days before he made his ‘grand entrance’ on the 27th, being ‘escorted’ to the nest by a flock of very vocal gulls!

Having settled into their usual routines on the nest and around the reserve, we now look forward to watching this season’s events unfold.


Nest Updates

Arrival dates:  NC0(16) - 8.3.24 (17:52)   Laddie (LM12) - 27.3.24 (16:38)

Eggs laid:  Egg #1 - 17.4.24 (10:48)   Egg #2 - 20.4.24 (10:53) 


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April Blogs and Updates (published dates)

17.4.24: SWT/LotL blog >>> First osprey egg of the season at Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve

17.4.24: SWT video >>> NC0 Laying First Egg of the Season

20.4.24: SWT/LotL blog >>> Second osprey egg of the season at Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve

20:4.24: SWT video >>>  NC0 Lays Second Egg of the Season