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    Happy Easter to you, too, Karen, and to all reading this thread!  With Mrs. G back, now we need to see her mate, Aran, and Monty and Glesni and that would make this one fantastic Easter Day!

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    Gardenbirder said:

    I've just dropped in to the forum after we were out for a long evening--an excellent Bach's St Mathew's Passion.

    Ann, I know this is an osprey thread, but I just had to reply to your above quote. So far this week I have enjoyed (not live but courtesy of Radio Three) the Matthew Passion from Amsterdam, John Passion (the one that I mentioned last year on the Loch Arkaig thread) from the 2017 Proms & a reconstruction of the lost Mark Passion from Barcelona. I am not really religious but love Bach. Ian

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    Latest blog 

    Link >>>  Egg-static

    Within the blog, ROP confirm that 5N(04) was indeed the intruder yesterday.  Great to see her safely back but hopefully from now on she will stay at her own nest!

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    LOL - I don't think that Anya has quite got the measure of 33 yet!

    In her blog she remarks about 33 being very insistent on helping Maya incubate but as the month progresses she will see that he does most of it:-D  And not just days - we have also seen him doing the nightshift! :-D

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    Thanks, Everyone, for all the posts and pics.  

    Karen, Had to laugh at your comment that Anya does not yet have the measure of 33!

    Ian, I'll PM you re:  the concert.

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    It's eased off since this recording but still something is falling: