Otter Antics (from the 13th Nov)

I had no idea others would be around, but one of the first people I met was Jim, who told me Hazy and Mike were also around. In the café, he thought, as per usual However, it was some time before I eventually met them, mainly because I was forced to sit in the Causeway hide and watch this swimmy thing in the water...

Most were keen to watch but others found the presence of an otter quite disturbing, like the Teal who didn't like to see it creeping up behind them

It hung around for ages, just posing and looking good when it wasn't actually hunting

It did catch a fish and eat it in front of us (although it's hidden in its paws) 

It did come REALLY close, too, so close I could only fit the head in shot, which was fabulous

But my favourite was when it started porpoise-ing, apparently just because it could and for the fun of it.


That was by far my best otter encounter. Just a couple of other things  - a group of Whoopers

And a couple of aerial Pintail

I did eventually find Hazy and Mike, but what can you do when you're kidnapped by an otter and forced to watch its antics??? 


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  • Fantastic photo captures Nigel and it was a lovely surprise to see you down at Grisedale Hide before the three of us headed to the cafe !    The Otter really gave a good show, amazing it came so close for photo ops and wonderful to see them on here.    Hopefully we might see you sometime week following 23rd Nov. if you can get the time off work but it was great to see you again and glad you had such a good day.      


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Wow, you got a fantastic view of the Otter Nige and very nice pictures too. And like you when i turned round I was surprised to see it was you bet your glad you made it that day, sadly I never got the Otter but I did get a Water Rail.


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  • I would give my right arm to see an Otter up close like that Nigel.   Fabulous pics and thanks so much for sharing.   (Good thing this came into my inbox or otherwise I doubt if it  I would have found the thread.-(

    Lot to learn

  • Brilliant views, Nigel. Never seen one so close. A Whooper bonus as well - lucky you.



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  • Oh lucky you Nigel, so close. I'm so jealous as I've never seen a wild otter, not for lack of trying though. Sat in Island Mere Hide at Minsmere so many times with no luck. No sign of winter swans down my patch yet and lovely pintails. I must get to LM.


  • Thanks all.

    It's just the luck of the draw when something like that happens - fabulous when it happens to you, though  To think I nearly left after a while when it went long distance, but then I would have missed the best bits when it came back!

    Anyway, best of luck to you all on your otter spotting, perhaps you'll get even better luck than I did.


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  • Lovely pics of the swimmy thing Nigel, especially the last one where you captured the movement of the water and multiple reflections... Very nice :)

    I'm usually just happy enough to SEE an Otter, let alone get photos like that  

    On our last visit about a month ago we did see one in the water whilst we were in Lillians Hide, which I did not expect. 


  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Wonderful photos, Nigel.  We've seen Otters on a few occasions over the years but never that close!  Love the Swans and Pintails as well--both very elegant birds.

    Kind regards,