Nearly Hare time again!

Although the Hares are on Havergate Island throughout the year, it's always nice to go and see them as Spring comes along, not least because it's a little bit warmer.  A few of us had the opportunity to take a trip out there at the weekend to see what the Hares have been up to, check out their frequent resting spots etc, ready for all the upcoming trips.

We've had a fair bit of rain recently, so there were a few muddy paths (so make sure you wear boots or wellies if you're visiting soon), but that didn't worry the Hares - they're masters of finding snug spots to chill out in.  This chap was certainly laid back!

Just to prove it isn't a stuffed toy - moving ears!

Mrs WJ caught the all-important ablutions

and it was Mrs WJ who also got the inscrutable head-on shot.  Did you know a Hare cannot see dead ahead?  Their eye position gives them great all-round visibility, but not directly in front of them

Finally, a bit of a scratch with those big feet, just to keep us entertained :-)


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