I wasn't really after the birds, but...

A couple of us had a trip out to Havergate a week or two back, after some specific pictures to use in a presentation about the Island in the near future (all about the Island, its history etc, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the RSPB taking it on).  Whilst we weren't after the wildlife as such, you never visit without a camera of some sort, just in case interesting stuff appears!

The Canada Geese were the first to spot us - like many of the birds, they're staking their claim on the best nesting areas

But it was the huge number of Cormorants that impressed - they were everywhere, covering all the little islands in the scrape

or flitting around between the groups

Quite a few gulls were bagging their spots too - they'll often stand in the water where they plan to nest, confident the water level will drop and give them some dry land to lay eggs on

One of the nice things about Havergate at this time of year, is the number of Avocets around - large flocks of them wheeling in the sky are quite impressive

and huge numbers of Golden Plover twinkle in the sunshine (even if the haze took the edge off any photos!)

Greylag passed overhead, not interested in stopping today

Though little Buntings were busy hopping around the reeds and bushes

The Hares were un-characteristically grumpy

Showing a clean pair of heels rather than posing for me

Though one did eventually sit still for a pic

There were plenty of birds feeding on the muddy foreshore, with Redshank


and Curlew showing off their different skills

The last to see us off, just to bring us full circle, was another Canada Goose, curious about these strange two-legged things that appear and disappear at random times into their peaceful lives...


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