Dusk visit to Fowlmere

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    Ah, jolly good. Further proof that I no longer know everything about Fowlmere...

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    Thanks all :)

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    Jules and Doug, apologies for missing this question, I hop between forums and Flickr. I was there in Late May after the Duxford Air Festival, I saw the Marsh Harriers, and the Hobbies from the Reed Bed Hide at around three in the afternoon. As Mark said, you can't pick a time, just patiently wait.I think they were nesting (MH) in the scrub to the left of the hide.

    cheers  Terry

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    Thanks Terry, can't wait to get back there.  Will take my flask and keep my fingers crossed :)

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    Hi Terry & Jules,

    I thought I should update you before any future visits. I don't get to the reserve almost every day like I used to, but I do try to keep abreast of things.

    A male marsh harrier has been seen occasionally this month, but I don't think anyone has seen a female for ages.

    I would expect hobbies to be there every day during the summer, assuming that they are nesting nearby in the general area. The reserve's abundant dragonflies usually attract them.

    Waders are starting to move through now. The post-breeding lapwing flock has been building up, and a dunlin was seen last week.


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    Thanks Doug.  I did see the Lapwings in the field, which was a beautiful sight.  Can't wait to get back there.  Such a wonderful place.

  • I will be going to Fowlmere this morning, I love the place and it is only up the road from where I live. I hardly ever see anything but I live in hope. I will be in the Reed Bed Hide with my husband, if we see anything I will post here later.

    Carpe Diem

  • Decided to go to Minsmere instead, we saw an Otter, Bitterns and 2 Marsh Harriers.

    Carpe Diem