Fowlmere on July 10th 2019

First visit this year (and since last September). Sorry to see the central lake has not risen back to its pre-drought levels. A bit of a desultory day. Saw a group of lapwings and heard numerous song birds in the trees (saw very few of them). I did see a Yellowhammer in the distance but not up close and also swifts dive bombing the lake searching for bugs. The best few moments was this reed bunting which serenaded the hide a few times. Fowlmere is always a pleasant walk but for twitching on that day it was a bit disappointing. You can't win 'em all.

  • You appear to have mixed up your linnet and reed bunting photos.
    Looking back through the photos in Ade Cooper's blog, the water level in the mere seemed to be normal in late winter (ref 12/13th March when he counted 440 black-headed gulls on the mere).
  • In reply to Doug R:

    Doug, thanks so much, I'm just not great at bird identification. I'm getting there so help is always appreciated. I thought it was a bit too showy but I recall seeing a Reed Bunting there last year, so I figured it was just prettier than I remembered.