Fowlmere Reserve Friday 12th July (6-10pm)

It is always a pleasure to show people round my old work place, and the small group from Cambridgeshire Bird Club were enthusiastic and appreciative last night. In combination with locals Ade Cooper and Bob Steed, we managed to record 41 bird species. Bob photographed a kingfisher at Spring Hide, Ade heard a turtle dove singing by the chalk stream, and the group saw buzzard and red kite over the car park, all before I arrived at 7pm. I was disappointed not to see any barn owls in the two visible boxes (the old triangular one and the square one by the mere) but we did see one hunting over the biggest field. Only four of the ten regular warbler species were encountered, although that is to be expected at this time of year. The water level in the mere has fallen quite dramatically, but again this is to be expected in a hot dry summer. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed our walk round, and I was attacked by only one mosquito!