June 2019 at Fowlmere.

I visit Fowlmere quite often. I have not made any posts in this community, as I was unsure if it was still being used ?  SO here are just a few of the species seen on my visits.

June 4th 2019 - Barn Owl 

        And a Corn Bunting 

June 6th 2019 - Was amazed to see a family of Stoat 

June 21st 2919 - Chiffchaff 

Grey Heron 

Reed Warbler 

Female Blackcap 

Barn Owl still using the Box 

Do not think that I have seen a Grass Snake this long before. 

Does any one know, why the Owl Box, (Triangular shaped  one),  has been taken down ?

Happy Birding and Nature Watching