Dusk visit to Fowlmere

My husband Simon and I visited Fowlmere at dusk yesterday. Within a couple of minutes we saw one Barn Own in flight. A bit further on we heard Blackbirds frantically sending out their alarm call, we looked across an open area and saw a Barn Owl sat up in a tree starting down at the ground. We watched it for ages before it suddenly took off. Such a wonderful sight. Saw and heard many beautiful birds/fowl, including a Heron majestically walking along the edge of the Mere and we heard a deer bellowing in the bushes (wonderful). Met another couple who had just seen a Water Vole with young by the stream just beyond us, but sadly we didn't see them. However as were nearing the car park a Badger literally ran across the path into the bushes - fantastic. Only down side .... eaten alive by mosquitos. However, that was a small price to pay for a fabulous evening. Can't wait to return.