Birds of the Air that Emigrate

In time the birds will fly in
From countries far away
They will emigrate to our country
And for a while they will stay.

By instinct they will fly
Across the land and mighty sea
By day and night
With hope that they find land safely.

For all their courage and bravery
Some birds never make the journey
Through the elements of time they have to fly
Riding the thermals of the sky.
And when they finally find a haven place of rest
It wont be long before they start to build their nests.

And when their nesting time begins
Their young will shelter beneath their wings
With loving care until the day
They can spread their wings and find the way.

Birds of the air can be seen
On rivers and lakes in flight as a team
We think of those birds that never made the way
May instinct be your guidance as you travel on your way
And when it’s time to fly back from whence you came
For each year you have always been the same
To grace us with your splendour
And the beauty you have shown
We hope and wish that you have a safe journey home.

Poem sent in my George Rolling, 2012.