wood pigeon rat-a-tat-tat

wood pigeon rat-a-tat-tat


enthralled I watched

with wonder through

the kitchen window

feet stuck to

the floor transfixed!


wood pigeons

breasted dusty pink

fat fratching scratching

pair of peanut pilfering pugilists

perched opposite ends of trellis

atop back garden fence

battle line drawn

before taking turns

trading rap tap slaps


wings wildly flapping as they

flopped hopped stropped alternately

backwards and forwards

edging closer or edging apart


not the bang bonk booms

or the clank clatter clinks

of cold steel swords

on chainmail links in

medieval free-style combat

or the blood-and-guts of

bare-knuckle boxing


more the silent slapdash

slapstick spat

of a Laurel and Hardy

rat-a-tat tat!