My Poems

I have written a few poems over the years, some about birds, here are some.

The Kingfisher

I stood there leaning against the wall
And watched you fish by the waters fall
A brilliant, vibrant electric blue
Showed where you were diving to
A slight splash
Then the flash
Of blue wings beating
Then upon the branch, the fish you were eating.


Dipper Spring

I sat on the bench by the river
My binoculars on my knee
I didn't actually need them,
She was so close to me

Busily flying with moss in her bill
To the place she'd decided to nest
While her lazy mate stood on a rock
But she didn't take any rest.

The place she had chosen was high in the bank
Beside the waterfall
Her mate was leaving her to it
But occasionally he would call
She didn't answer him
And her expression said it all.

I could have stayed all day
Though I had to leave them be
Housewifely duties called
And I had to go home and get tea.

I visited the bench again
Later in that same Spring
On the bank of the river
Where the Dippers sing

On a dead tree branch under the nest
Four baby Dippers in a row
Parents were feeding them all in turn
They looked about ready to go.

Amazed that I'd seen them
Such a lucky girl was me
Something I've never forgotten
Which happened so unexpectedly.



The Gathering

At a distance black snowflakes swirling in the air
Then closer still changing like smoke clouds
Thousands of starlings wheeling everywhere
Gathering together to roost in their crowds
Then down they go in a waterfall
Cascading into the reeds
All answering the call
Like a broken string of beads



Best wishes