lock-down poetry

Hello, I'm new to this forum. During the lock-down I find myself gazing out of the window a lot more than normal and, well, funny things happen when you have excess time on your hands, and, in my case at least, I start attempting to write poetry (having never been moved to write a poem before!). It helped that there was a lot to look at - 2 sparrowhawks being my favourite sighting over the last few days.

Look at the Spring

Look at the spring, look at the trees
A flurry of pollen, caught in a breeze
A horse chestnut tree explodes into leaf
A promise of summer, no matter how brief

A sparrowhawk circles and swoops for the kill
Magpies scream warnings; the pigeon lies still
The hawk lumbers off with its prey held fast
While calmness returns: the anxiety passed

Look at the spring marching steadily on
Breathe in its wonder; hear its song