Unusual birds in garden

Can anyone identify theses birds. The white one is a ringed ex racing pidgeon from Wales it seems. It has been a lonely bird for about a year and a half. When it first came it was eating out of my hand. Now it is very timid.

It goes away for long periods, and we see it from time to time. It survived last winter. Now it seems to be a regular visitor. It has also learnt to use the bird feeder, but it does prefer to be a bottom feeder.

It now seems to be to bird and chases other coloured doves and wood pidgeon away.

But just this week if has paired up with this brown mate, which seems very unusual. It is still top bird. The brown bird does not seem to be ringed.

I do have some pictures but don't know how to post them

  • Hi Jezzer, to post photos do the following.
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    Good luck.

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  • In reply to Catlady:

    Hi Cat lady thanks for your instructions. I have posted the pictures