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    Morning Scylla.

    See HERE.... Doh! link is still Feint but may be improved on later.


  • I'm still getting a lot of posts where the oldest postings are still appearing first, and lost somewhere amid all replies, are the latest at varying stages, not in synch!

    I think the easiest way to try and explain it is, a form of branching out following the various threads within a thread, if that makes any sense!

    Whatever, it's still a mess and not user friendly.


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  • I’m afraid I can’t agree with anyone saying what the so called software computer staff have done with improvements. It’s still so technically difficult to use, for someone like me just wants something very simple to use. I really feel like swearing about this, but then I would get a ban. I do know of a number of forum members who have left because of this and some more of the regular posters who I suspect have left this forum as there have been no posts from them since before Christmas. I feel very strongly about and very annoyed about these so called improved changes, which they are  definitely not.





  • Can someone in the IT department please explain why people are still having problems logging into the site after the changes, I've just been contacted on Flickr by someone who can't get back on despite changing their password.

    It's just not good enough people.

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    Is anyone listening I wonder, or have they all gone home....  


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  • Every time I log in I keep getting red box error message saying "You've gone off line. Trying to reconnect" appears at least once an hour when on site but still have strong internet connection and the site is working for me?????


  • I have decided the software is magic. Not only do you get 1 Notification in your Notification setup but nothing to look at but there is also a problem in the viewing figures. There are 2 posts that currently show as having no views. - Fighting Blackbirds and A Few Questions. Amazingly, in spite of Zero views, there are 3 responses on one and 2 responses on the other, which kind of suggests that someone has viewed these Posts. 




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  • This site has been incredibly slow for the last 3 days. I can no longer upload photos. The 'loading bar' creeps along at a snail's pace, then I get the 'error' message. It's incredibly frustrating. Have all the IT staff stopped listening now? Are they all busy preparing for Garden Bird Watch? Or doing their make up in prep for Chris Packham's visit to Abernethy? I think we should be told. Can we be please assured that SOMEONE is aware of these ongoing problems  and is trying to fix them? Or is this thread now dead, like the rest of the site feels? 

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    This site has been incredibly slow for the last 3 days.

    Sympathy {{{Korky}}}

    I presume you've done the usual things at your end - like clearing cache and cookies, trying a different browser?  I'm OK with Firefox, tho that's having problems of its own, eg, "a script is slowing down this page..." and "application blocked from accessing graphics hardware", but those are not attached to the RSPB site.

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