Text Styling Update

As previously promised, we've been listening to the feedback in the various forums and have just released some changes that will hopefully address the concerns some of you have had about the legibility of the text.

With the main update in November, we brought the styling of the text in line with the main RSPB site, but several people commented that it wasn't easy enough to read. We made some initial changes to make the text both larger and darker than we use on the main site but there were further requests to use a 'heavier' font, so we've now updated the community to use just that - it's now using a bolder version of the same font we use on the main site.

Several other changes have been made to make the text as legible and usable as possible throughout the community area, such as improving some of the text colouring and reducing the leading (ie. the space between lines) to fit more text into a screen view, while keeping it comfortable enough to read easily.

Please do reply to this thread with feedback... everyone is different and different browsers and devices display text significantly different in some cases, but we hope that this resolves the issues some of you have been having.

Please let us know!