Aiki, GrahamC and Shane re-visit Rye Meads

Hi folks

Its been a long time since we got out together but yesterday we decided to forget the forecast and just go for it and we ended up going to Rye Meads. I picked Aiki up on the way and we set off around the M25 ( Londons Orbital Carpark)  and for those of you who know the road you may be surprised to find out it was a clear journey all the way except for where a lorries tyre had burst and left debris everywhere. We arrived at around 09.15 and the gates were opened at 09.30 so we could access the hide outside the visitors centre until the main reserve opened at 10.00, I had not been here for a while and it was good to see there was plenty of water. Graham arrived at 10.00 and we set off around the reserve and after a stop off at the first hide we went to the Kingfisher hide to hopefully see some Kingfishers which are due to fledge today anyway here some of my shots, time for a new camera it seems mine is struggling now and the newer Fuji one I have I just cannot get on with.

Now you can see me


Now you cant

OK you didnt get the message kiss my departing behind !!

Even the Common Terns were having none of me and my camera.

Long shot of one of the pair of Kestrels nesting on the pylon overlooking the Kingfishers nesting bank.

One of the pair sitting in a dead tree near the nest box so we could get better photos.

There were lots of young Long Tailed Tots around they were lovely to see.

There were Gadwall all over the reserve.

And plenty of Ahhh moments

I think mum's saying follow me kids I'm fed up with these camera's.

I'm sure Aiki and Graham will be adding their reports and photos soon, but also seen today, were a pair of Bullfinches (real treat for me), Kingfishers (no good photos from me sorry), Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Blackcaps, Common Sandpiper x 2, Reed Warblers, Reed Buntings, Sedge Warbler, heard lots of Cetti Warblers, Orange Tip Butterflies, Swifts and Martins plus lots more. It was a great day out on Grahams local patch so thanks Graham and thanks Aiki for your company on the journey and during the day, oh yes and for the book, I was so busy reading it last night I never got around to doing this report until now.



P.S the weather turned out not to bad after all.





Regards Shane


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  • In reply to doggie:

    Great report Shane,

    Looks like you had another good day out together, i love this time of year when all the young birds are fledging,

    i look forward to Aiki & Graham's additions

  • In reply to doggie:

    Thanks for a great day, fellas, and thanks for the fab report and photos - and lift! - Shane :) A few of my pics, first a Sedgie from the first hide, whose exuberant song got the day off to a good start.

    Little Grebe, shivering. It wasn't that cold!

    Drake Gadwall showing off his red bits. This bird, along with a pair of Tufties, a Coot family, Bullfinches, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and Great Spotted Woodies, are employed by the RSPB to amuse the punters in the Kingfisher hide while they wait for Kingfishers ;)

    Eventually a Kingfisher did arrive, and shot off again almost immediately. We gave the hide another try later and got longer (though distant) views of one of the adults preening fish slime off its plumage on the far post.

    Male Pheasant, showing how beautifully camouflaged his spread wings are against a reed bed (pity about the rest of him).

    My take on the Long-tailed Tit fledglings. I should apologise to the guys for constantly going 'Ahhh!', ' Poppet!', 'So cute!' etc while photographing them.

    I kept wandering off and delaying everyone by trying to photograph Swifts - only to be told later by an RSPB volunteer that it was 'impossible'.

    Female Orange-tip. There were a few males around too but no other butterflies.

    And finally, this exciting/alarming sight - a swarm of Honey-bees!

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  • In reply to doggie:

    Thanks Alan

    Great company always makes for a good day out, the second photo was going to be posted as a mystery quiz but it fitted in with this report better.

    Regards Shane


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  • In reply to sugar:

    Thanks Sugar

    Yes we all had a good time for sure and your right it was great to see lots of new arrivals throught the day.

    Regards Shane


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  • In reply to aiki:

    Wow Aiki

    great photos, great Swift capture,

    you just have to say "Ahh", "Poppet" & "So Cute" at those Long Tailed Tots (as Shane called them)  

    the bees are a bit scary !!!

    Looks like you had a good day out with " the boys"

  • In reply to aiki:

    Morning M

    Great photos as expected I'm glad you got some Kingfisher shots, and your right that Sedgie was a nice start, my 2 favourite one of yours are the first Long Tailed Tit and then the little Grebe.

    I got a text from Graham yesterday about the photos he got after we left (lucky bu**er) hopefully he will post them soon, I wonder if anyone will have a go at guessing what he saw?  

    I had forgetten about that swarm it was quite a spectacle and fortunately they didn't decide to have a go at us.

    Regards Shane


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  • In reply to Shane:

    Great day out team - some wonderful photo memories. Swift photo and baby LTT are absolutely wonderful. I have tried Swallow and Swifts and in my limited experience thus far it is proving 'impossible' but I'll keep trying.

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  • In reply to GeoDave:

    Great photos and report from a great team



             a good laugh is better than a tonic

  • Anonymous

    In reply to doggie:

    Great photos here

    Really like the grebe and pheasant

    Aiki were you referring to the ltt's or graham and shane?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Andrewa A said:

    Great photos here

    Really like the grebe and pheasant

    Aiki were you referring to the ltt's or graham and shane?

    LOL :) In my experience most grown men don't really like being called 'Poppet'... but maybe G and S are exceptions ;)

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