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    Start sorting quicker, Cin, if those 2 are examples!! The wings on the owl fly are spectacular!! So glad you had a fantastic time and really looking forward to seeing your pics Now... You haven't got time to be reading this, crack on lol
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    So pleased that the trip lived up to expectations and more by the sound of it. If your first two photos are an indication of what's to come we are in for a treat. The Owl Fly is spectacular ......... no wonder it's a favourite.
    I miss these overseas wildlife trips but sadly I've got too old so I can enjoy other folks sightings vicariously.



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  • Wow Caroline, what fabulous photos to start us off with and that Owl Fly is just magnificent; can't wait to see the rest but I know how long it takes to sort out hundreds and hundreds of photos so we'll try be patient. LOL.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    TeeJay said:
    So pleased that the trip lived up to expectations and more by the sound of it. 

    The credit goes to you TJ as years ago you posted about your trips and that wetted my appetite, and when I started to look around you were able to suggest a couple of companies that would be suitable for a solo female traveller.  It might have been different if my husband was still alive as he had been to Yugoslavia as a boy and it was always somewhere he wanted to take me but that would have been more towns and history.  

    Thank you again for the recommendation

    Cin J

  • Ok, I think the best way to do this is a bit at a time - where I can I will post the very best photos - some are just record shots because the birds were too far off and I could also fill the bad pics for rather a long time.

    As PB always says you may need to get a drink and some snacks,

    I will try to go a day at a time so this will take a bit.

    Let's get the stats out of the way. These may be amended up or down later as there a few sightings that need further investigation/confirmation

    107 species Butterfly 

    35 sp Moth weather stopped play and then Moon so poor recording conditions

    118 sp Birds either seen or heard

    13 sp Reptiles/Amphibs (not counting a pickled Horned Viper)

    10 sp Dragon/Damsels

    7 sp mammals

    100's of inverts

    and lots of flowers that I haven't a clue about but were very pretty 

    We lost the first afternoon due to sitting on the stand for 2 hours so arrived after 8pm but were greeted by a nightingale singing outside the airport, we were very late getting to the hotel but they had stayed up and has a decent meal waiting for us

    The trap was put out and the next morning there were quite a few to see including  what I think is a Four-spotted but might not be, The Blackneck and a female Goat Moth

    First new bird shouting in a tree 

    Wryneck - I did warn you that the bird photos might be a little off

    First place to visit was the Plitvice Lakes - yes it is incredibly busy, yes the water is that amazing color and yes it is well worth it 

    We walked slowly to try not to miss anything 

    Horvath's Rock Lizard

    Noise in the undergrowth attracted our attention and a Hawfinch fledged right in front of us

    First flight

    I think it became the most photographed bird in Croatia that day

    Ok thats the first few minutes of the day covered!  

    I'll post this in the hopes that it works - back later as I need to go chat to my butterflies 

    Cin J

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    Germain said:
    The credit goes to you TJ as years ago you posted about your trips and that wetted my appetite

    Well, thank you Caroline. I had no idea that my trip reports would inspire you many years later. I think as long as you go with a reputable wildlife travel company they look after you well and the knowledge of the guides is unsurpassed.

    Nice start to the moth sightings. Being greeted by a Nightingale and a Wryneck augurs well. The scenery looks amazing and the colour of Plitvice Lakes is beautiful.

    Looking forward to more goodies.



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  • Sounds like the most amazing trip Caroline and doesn't get a better start than a greeting at the airport from a nightingale. LOL. Stunning scenic shots and bonus Hawfinch and Wryneck too, I never imagined that Croatia could bring such a wealth of beautiful species from birds, butterflies to moths. Keep 'em coming please as its telling me to renew my passport !!


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Fabulous start, Cin waterfalls, fledgings and properly blue water... Amazing! Can't wait for more
  • Next bit - we've done probably less than 1/2 mile and I haven't posted any botany yet!  

    There where large numbers of Damsels and Dragons everywhere we looked + fish and snakes and frogs singing - that caught me out, I was trying to work out what bird it was that I could hear and then realised it was numerous frogs holding a choral session

    Bee Orchid

    Nottingham Catchfly - I think

    A delicate beauty that for the life of me I can't remember what it is but the identifier is the fine pink spots on the petals 

    Our first Butterfly was a female Amanda's Blue deep in a sheltered cave - took some skill to spot 


    Banded Demoiselle and a slightly out of focus Beautiful Demoiselle 

    Newley emerged dragon - I'm not sure if we decided what it was  


    One of a pair of Grey Wags that were busy feeding young

    Stone Fly

    Another waterfall or two

    Oh look Damsel...

    Our first surprise of the trip and a first for the site Iolas Blue

    We haven't even made it to our coffee stop yet! 

    Cin J

  • Keep 'em coming Cin Those scenic shots look stunning