Rhön-Mountain-Range in May 2016

Hello dear forumites,

it has been a long time since I posted. Maybe some of you have wondered whatever has become of me. I'm perfectly fine. I've adjusted well with my new home in a small town in Saxony and with my new work. Now my boyfriend and I had our first holidays together since I moved in with him. We had only a week, so we visited my parents (and the storks, of course). But weather was not too good then, so we only paid a short visit to the storks. After that we spent three days in the Rhön-Mountains. Here weather was much better. We had nice days and rain / thunderstorms at night. Maybe you care for some pictures? So here we go:

1. Our visit to the Red Moore: Maybe Tufted Ducks, a male and a female.But they were far away.

2. After the Red Moore, we went up the Heidelstein-Mountain. We saw many Viola

3. The Heidelstein has a very characteristic view:

4. There were many birds of prey around, mainly kestrels.But I can't say if this one is a kestrel.

5. Our accomodation was only a few metres away from the former border between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. Towers and carriageways are still to be seen everywhere.

6. In the Black Moore: Round-leaf sundew

7. + 8. Views of the Black Moore

9. Oldtimer on the Wasserkuppe-Mountain (the highest mountain in the Rhön-Mountain-Range)

10. ?? Globeflower??

11. Beautifully-looking water-drops on Lupin-Plants

12. Still on the Wasserkuppe-Mountain: A Memorial to the Aviation-Pioneers

13. Look up the Milseburg-Mountain

14. Bad weather is approaching. Ten minutes later the thunderstorm started. Don't worrry! We made it to our car just in time.

Thank you very much for looking in. I promise for the future to take my camera with me when I take a walk here at home, so I can show you my new home. Most of the time I forget my camera and the binoculars, what a shame!

Good night now. Kind regards as always,


  • Lovely to hear from you Bente. Very nice pics of your holiday.It looks a really nice area.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Bente l'm quite new to the site just over a month, some intersting photo's there. l would say the ducks are Tufted ducks has l have just done a video on them, think it's a few pages down now things move so fast on here, you may want a look. take care yas

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    Great to hear from you again Bente :-) Looks like a lovely area. Your bird of prey in the photo looks like a Buzzard - I took the liberty of lightening the photo up.

    "Let loose the Kraken!"

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    Hello Stuart,

    thank you very much for the good job with my picture. Unfortunately I'm not good with birds of prey. It might well be a buzzard. By the way: I was wrong. In that area are many red and black kites, not kestrels.

    Yas, thank you for telling me about your video with the tufted ducks. How cute! "My" couple acted quite differently: The female kept diving all the time, while the male stayed on the surface.

    Take care!

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    Hello Bente

    It's wonderful to hear about your new life (and love!), they are lovely photos I especially like No,s 7,8 and 12 it looks like my type of area to go walking in.

    Alan (doggie)

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  • In reply to Alan:

    Hello Alan,

    I nearly thought my eyes were playing a trick on me. Is it really you??? How nice!

    See you, Bente

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    Hi Bente. Lovely set of photos, and it looks like you've had a great holiday in a beautiful area. It's so nice to see a post from you again :-)

    My bird photos HERE

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    Hi Bente, Lovely photo's from the Rhon- Mountains. Glad you ha a lovely holiday.


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    Hi Bente,good to see posting again,nice to get pictures from overseas. I particularly like the aviators memorial it takes attention away from the necessary but unsightly radar dome.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can