I am new here..another one...corvids and the bird feeders......advice please.

Hi all,

Just signed up.

I have tits, finches, robins, the odd wren, and nuthatches in my garden. I want to start feeding them and I am looking at putting some feeders up.

The problem is crows, jackdaws, and rooks; We have 100s (and i mean 100s) of them in our community. They are quite (in)famous..

I am aware that "all birds need to feed" but does anyone have the ultimate guide to feeding just the small birds? There are no squirrels (yet!) and only a few pigeons..the corvids won't let the small birds get a look in unless I take action to prevent it..

I have read about cages around feeders, DIY projects involving hanging baskets fashioned into guards..etc but I am dubious - I am also aware of corvids' intelligence and suspect they will 'attack' cages, rattling the feeders causing the food to drop out..

Maybe I am overthinking it.

Any advice please?

Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing some wisdom!