Beautiful Butterflies 2019

  • Thanks Hazy & TJ, our weather has taken a dive today & due to get colder with snow/hail for thursday morning. Not so good for all the early flowers & bugs.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Still only seen 3 species this year and only about half a dozen butterflies in total! 18 species is probably not far off my yearly total!! I think it will be a while yet before the Green Hairstreaks come out, but at least I know I have a local population now, so hopefully some opportunities to get better photos!


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  • A nice sunny afternoon yesterday after a cold start (frost in places) & so we went off around some local woods. It was a lovely walk with 11 species of butterfly & finally got photos of Violet (Weavers) Fritillay on Violets!!

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Great news H, nowt doing here save for a few Hovers & Bumbles! That E/NE wind is so harsh!


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  • In reply to Noisette:

    Nice find, Hazel. A very pretty butterfly. I saw them in Normandy a couple of summers ago. All our butterflies are keeping their heads down with this cold wind. I think it's supposed to be turning warmer next week.



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  • We have had loads of violets in the copse down the lane but I haven't spotted a butterfly anywhere near. It seems we are all suffering from the cold wind, maybe sometime soon it will start to really feel like Spring.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    Nice one Hazel. I don't think they come over here, even in warmer weather.

    WendyBartter said:
    That E/NE wind is so harsh!

    You're not kidding. I seriously underestimated the windchill today. I nearly got frost bitten fingers taking photos in the wind without gloves. Out of wind, it wasn't too bad.


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  • It was too late in the season, last year, when I found I had some Green Hairstreaks living just a few miles away. I promised myself I'd get some shots this year and while I was out looking for cuckoos today (I failed to find any), I came across one who I eventually persuaded to pose … on the ground, unfortunately, meaning I had to lay down to get a decent shot!

    I forgot how small they were, but one of my faves, just for the outrageous colour ... I mean bright green! 

    Nothing else, like the numerous Orange Tips, Tortoiseshells or Red Admirals would settle.


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  • Beautiful photos of the Green Hairstreak, nice find Nigel. We had an Orange Tip in the garden the other day which settled briefly on the Erysimum flower but by the time I raced in and grabbed the camera it was off again, as was the Brimstone lol


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Morning all

    I managed to capture these two yesterday,but only with phone cam.

    One unfortunately dead caught in the spiders web

    This one was dead very pale white/Green.Had to get granddaughter to hold it open doh