Visiting Orkney next May

Hi I've never been to Orkney before and I'm visiting next May and was wondering are there any places you can see close black guillemots. And if there might be any remaining whooper swans or long tailed ducks, and if so where. Thanks :-)

  • Just keep an eye out from the ferry, I got some really nice views of them on the ferry to Hoy they were right next to the boat :o)

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    Hi mysterious,

    Black Guillemots:

    There are lots of different options in Orkney - any rocky coastline you have a chance of seeing them and as KatTai says you've always got a chance of seeing them from the ferries!

    Of the RSPB reserves: if you take the trail at Hobbister on Orkney Mainland, there are often a few pairs on the Scapa coastline, you sometimes will see a few on your way up Marwick Head but the best reserve to see them is North Hill, Papa Westray. Hundreds of pairs nest around the coastline there, so a walk around the edge of the reserve is well worth while. There is always a good chance of seeing some perched on the rocks and small rafts of them out to sea.

    Whooper swans:

    Most have moved on by May but there are are occasional single birds seen in May. It would maybe worthwhile contacting us closer to the time and we could point you in the right direction, if there are any about?

    Long tailed ducks:

    There might be some birds around at the very beginning of May, the best places to see them is Rousay sound, Echnaloch Bay (Burray) and off the Churchill Barriers and the Peedie Sea in Kirkwall is always worth checking - if they are there, you can get great close up views!

    Hope this is useful - we have regular events in May (listed on the website nearer the time)- come along and say hello.

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    my old mate Paul Higson lives up there-  he may still run day trips .



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    Thanks all I really appreciate it :)