Do You Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

There's a lot of coastline to stroll along on Orkney, some of it very dramatic, like the cliffs here at Yesnaby.  With the winds pushing the waves, it's very impressive

Incidentally, the car was parked on the clifftops, just out of shot top right.  When we got back, the windscreen was covered in spray.  No worries, a quick squirt & a wag and off we'd go.  Er, no, it was salt, caked on in the sunshine.  Copious water and scrubbing with a cloth were required before I could actually see where I was going properly!

Anyway, as you're strolling along, every now and again you catch a glimpse of something out the corner of your eye....

You're quickly distracted however, with Terns fishing in the sheltered bays

Sometimes Common like that one, sometimes Arctic like this

Kittiwakes like to top up their nests

and down on the water's edge in those sheltered bays, Dunlin

and Ringed Plover hunt for the little flies that fizz across the beach

You can even see some of those little flies around the Plover!

Out on the water, little Eider ducklings bob around

Though they have to be careful to not wander too far from Mum, we've seen one already disappear down a Herring Gull's gullet.

Wait a sec - just caught something out of the corner of my eye again.  Ahhhh!  Got you this time!

Making sure I'm not up to mischief, obviously

Don't worry Mr Seal, we're simply chasing Fulmars again

and of course, no-one should miss the opportunity to see a Black Guillemot


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