Island Hopping

We're staying on Mainland, but there are lots of smaller islands you can catch a ferry to go and see.  One of the closest and most obvious is Hoy, so the other day we packed our lunch and caught the boat.  The ferry bounced around a bit on the way across, but we made it in one piece thankfully.  Whilst most people hopped on the minibus to cross the island and walk to the Old Man, we headed up the hill to walk the Old Post Road which heads between the big hills to the other side of the island.

If you look carefully, you'll see tiny blue flowers in the undergrowth.  This is Milkwort, hiding from the incessant wind

It's not the most unexpected plant up here though - surely that crown goes to Sundew, a carnivorous plant that likes boggy areas

Plenty of little Pipits heralded our passing

Though in truth, with the path being rocky and uneven, you do spend a fair bit of time watching where you put your feet.  Luckily, for this Oak Eggar (I think) caterpillar sitting right in the middle of the path!

It has to be said though, a hairy caterpillar doesn't get you quite as excited as a Green Tiger

Thankfully, it's only a few mm long - any bigger and I'd be REALLY worried about those jaws!  Something that is much larger - and rather grumpy looking - was this Toad.  You'd think he'd welcome a bit of company on this isolated path, but clearly not....


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