Vandelism at RSPB reserve Brodgar

I've just been reading sadly that there has been vandalism at RSPB reserve Brodgar in Orkney. It’s nothing to do with any wildlife. But sadly the historical stone circle at that RSPB reserve has been covered in graffiti. It a big criminal effence to vandalise an ancient monument. I thought I should mention this, although nothing to do with wildlife, but the vandalism has occurred on an RSPB reserve. I’ve just read that news on the internet.



  • Hi Ian,

    We too were saddened to see that someone would do this to the Ring of Brodgar and can only imagine how upsetting it was for the Historic Environment Scotland staff who discovered it. Hopefully the press coverage that this story has received, and the seriousness with which the police are dealing with it, will ensure that no one is tempted to repeat this activity. The RSPB reserve at Brodgar stretches around the Ring of Brodgar, which is managed by Historic Environment Scotland, but the ring itself does not from part of the reserve, though this does not make us feel any better about the vandalism which took place. We would encourage any visitors to the reserve who may have seen any behaviour which may be of interest to the police between the dates April 5th to April 7th to contact Police Scotland by calling 101, quoting incident NK430/19, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.