Worrying that the Government pledges £1.7bn public to new nuclear plant!


I’m truly shocked if this is true and the climate change change conference about to start. The first thing I’m thinking about this news is Minsmere. Can some senior member of staff from Minsmere comment about this possible shocking and upsetting news if true. As if it's true I feel so upset by this and my question would be. Is nothing sacred in this country?



  • Are the RSPB going to continue to fight this and what can the RSPB do to continue to fight this! Sadly with the tragedy of the Covid Pandemic there has been little media coverage on the TV and Radio news as normally there would have been much more media coverage than what it’s had sadly!



  • Stopping Sizewell? It would be easier to hold back the tide.
    Sizewell C has been a foregone conclusion ever since B was completed, I am just amazed it has taken this long, it must have been in planning for a decade now..

    The RSPB have done a great job of putting their case across and it has been heard and will have impact, but it's never going to stop this project. My hope is the RSPB are able to work closely enough with the developers that they can still guide and influence things throughout the project.

    I still live less that 20 miles as the crow flies from Sizewell and minsmere, the village I grew up in was less than a half hour bike ride as a kid to get into minsmere. I could see (and feel) the pile drivers, cranes and construction of Sizewell B from my bedroom window as a child, it used to terrify me.

    A lot of people are going to be cold, poor and hungry this Christmas, and probably the next one too due to the energy crisis. The inevitable result of the nation's pursuit of renewable wind power has lead to a huge over reliance on gas when the wind doesn't blow. Add to that the government decision to close our gas storage facilities and there is going to be a huge clamour for reliable baseload from nuclear.

    In my opinion, all we can do now is lessen the impact, not to stop the project.

  • Nothing. Absolutely nothing is sacred. Nature means nothing to this destructive Government. Will they ever realise that it’s nature that underpins everything we are, not money. Without a healthy bio diversity nothing can survive no matter how much money you have.
    What a sad sad day. Don’t ever tell me we live in a democracy because my vote has never counted for anything. I love Minsmere. A.
  • This is simply the wrong scheme in the wrong place. Unfortunately, the RSPB has only really made its voice heard in the last few years. The one thing is Sizewell's favour is that the local populace are inured to the principle of a nuclear power station on their doorstep. In economic, environmental and ecological terms, government could hardy find a worse site.
    Even if Sizewell were a suitable location, the scheme is all wrong. Of the three EDF rectors under construction, two are more than ten years behind schedule, and one (Hinkley) only a mere 25% over budget and two and a half years late. No one knows how much the two in China cost, but we do know one is closed for "maintenance" (i.e. broken down). Why our government is so hell bent on putting risk capital into such a venture, is beyond me. And given the French behaviour, I am at a loss to understand why we would want a nearly bankrupt French Government owned firm to build and run such a vital piece of infrastructure.
    So write to your MPs and tell them the whole thing is madness. (Don't bother with the member for Suffolk Coastal. She will do whatever line government takes to further her climb up the greasy pole!)
  • Hi everyone.

    Thank you for your concern regarding RSPB Minsmere and Sizewell C. We want to start by saying that we, united with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, are in a position against Sizewell C given our ongoing environmental concerns.

    Whilst the government have committed £1.7 billion to Sizewell C, we feel it is important to explain that the project has not yet been approved. The project is currently going through a Development Consent Order process which you can read more about here: infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/.../. The Examination concluded on the 14 October 2021, and the Planning Inspectorate will be reporting with recommendations to the Secretary of State over the next couple of months, then Secretary of State will then have a further three months to look at the evidence presented by the Planning Inspectorate and make a final decision. We expect that decision to happen by 14 April 2022.

    The RSPB has been engaged with the Sizewell C application for over a decade. EDF have held five public consultations from 2012 to 2020 on their proposals for Sizewell C. The RSPB were heavily involved in each consultation stating our concerns for nature.

    In 2019 we launched our #LoveMinsmere campaign which saw an incredible 20,419 people take action and write to EDF stating why they Love Minsmere and why the reserve must be protected. Support was seen again at the #LoveMinsmere Festival which saw over 1,000 people gather on Whin Hill, site of the BBC Springwatch studio, to form an outline of the #LoveMinsmere love heart with Sizewell in the background. This sent a visual message to EDF that the reserve must be protected.

    Then, in November 2020 Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin launched the RSPB’s and Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s new #LoveMinsmere e-action during a live online event, #LoveMinsmere Live. We called on supporters to take make nature’s voice stronger in the planning process. On February 15 the e-action closed. An amazing 104,836 people stepped up and signed our e-action, demonstrating to the Planning Inspectorate how many people share our concerns for nature and Love Minsmere.

    We presented this number to the Planning Inspectorate during the Examination to show the number of people who shared our concerns, and represented Suffolk’s wildlife during the six month Examination putting across our concerns. Following the close of that Examination (on 14 October) we released the following position statement:

    “The RSPB and Suffolk Wildlife Trust have spent a gruelling six months engaging in the Sizewell C examination. If Sizewell C is built, it would sit slap bang on the border of RSPB Minsmere nature reserve, home to over 6000 types of animals, plants and fungi; potentially detrimentally impacting the wildlife at this nationally and internationally important nature reserve, as well as at Sizewell Marshes SSSI, and the wider Suffolk coast and beyond.

    Our charities, alongside other interested parties, and the 104,836 people who supported our Love Minsmere campaign, have strengthened nature’s voice in the planning process. Through this support and pressure, we feel we have made some positive progress with EDF Energy regarding some of our environmental concerns. For example, rare natterjack toads will have greater protection, as will the special birds like the stone curlew which nest on the heathland at Minsmere.

    However, there remain significant concerns and our organisations believe that if the build goes ahead, there could be serious detrimental impacts on wildlife. EDF Energy are still proposing to destroy an area the size of eight football pitches at protected wildlife site, Sizewell Marshes SSSI. Due to the rare nature of the habitat, it is extremely difficult to recreate. Any attempts to replace these special habitats such as fen meadow, even if eventually successful, will not be available to the wildlife that calls it home for many years, when it is too late, and the damage has already been done. There is also a significant risk that the development will change the amount of high-quality water available for rare plants, meaning they may die out over time.

    We also remain worried that the power station’s cooling water system could cause millions of fish and other small marine creatures to die each year, which would also reduce food supplies for sea birds. The noise and visual impacts over the ten or more years of construction of Sizewell C could impact ducks and geese, like gadwall and shoveler who choose Minsmere and Sizewell Marshes to raise their families and are joined by white-fronted geese to spend the winter there.

    With so many questions remaining unanswered, and due to a very high likelihood the environment will be harmed, the RSPB and Suffolk Wildlife Trust remain united against Sizewell C.”

    We hope this provides reassurance that Sizewell C is not a done deal, and that we are doing all we can to protect nature at RSPB Minsmere, Sizewell Marshes SSSI and the wider Suffolk coast. In future you can keep up to date with the campaign at loveminsmere.org (please note we will be updating the web pages with the above information imminently).

    Best wishes
    The Love Minsmere team