Pixie Post Answers

Along the Fairy Trail at Minsmere, we Pixies have a letter box where our lovely visitors can leave us messages.  Ian mentioned some of these in one of his blogs.  It's difficult to reply in person to these messages, so we've gone all hi-tech and are now online!

So here you are, some of the recent letters we've received

  • Love you Fairies from Bash

Lovely to hear from you Bash, I hope you enjoyed your visit

  • Dear RSPB, I wish you would cover the horrid vehicle tracks behind this post. Thankyou, Tree Elf

Oooo I know, they were caused by all the giants playing with their big toys, clearing some trees to open up different habitats.  I think they've all finished now and the tracks are being tidied up again.  By the Summer, the woods will look better than ever!

  • Keep my tree safe

That's what we do, keep the trees safe for everyone :-)

  • I love fairies, Jemima

We love people coming to see us!

  • To Pixies, I love you. My wish is for my Dad to get less grumpy and more happy

Oh dear, perhaps he's just a bit worried with all the bad news about nasty viruses recently.  Once everything settles down again, you'll have to make sure you bring him back to Minsmere for the fresh air and long walks in the countryside

  • What do you get up to at night?

We Pixies do like a bit of a party, so we’re often singing and dancing in the evenings.  Not too late though, we like to get up with the sunrise

  •  Are you real, if so, show yourself, love Sadie

Of course we are real!  You can find us behind the tree, round the next bend or peeping through the bracken

  •  Dear Pixies & Fairies of this wood. Many people (mostly young) believe in your existence though we know many legends and stories. The films now-a-days may not be completely accurate, but we still enjoy your happiness and love that you spread through this world. From a family who love all that you do here and across the globe

That’s lovely to hear – we do try hard to make all green spaces happy and enjoyable places for people to unwind

  • I'd heard rumours about the difficulties of getting some network connections into the woods for you guys to use, glad to see it's all come good. We'll look forward to seeing some Pixie-eye pics :-)


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  • Welcome Pixie! Thanks for helping me to answer the questions that our lovely visitors have posed. I hope you are all following the latest government advice about social distancing - though I guess two metres might be a bit excessive for you guys. At least you'll still be able to enjoy the amazing spring weather and wildlife. It's going to feel strange for those of us who are not able to join you there this year. Take care, look after yourselves. Our younger visitors (and some of us older ones look forward to trying to find you again once things begin to return to normal