Just to let you all know that I'm ok, I got a phone on Tuesday from my Doctor she adviced me to stay in.

That wont worry me as I can do my other hobby. I am an Armature Radio Operator, so you might say I pester the rest of the World not just my friend at Minsmere.

Everyone stay safe I will see you all back at Minsmere when this virus is over.


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  • Stay safe Nick, try not to cause too much trouble on the airwaves.  No more than you do at Minsmere anyway :-)

    Mrs WJ's brother is similarly stuck indoors for many weeks, so you're not the only one limiting their face to face contact with people.  Whilst we are allowed to travel (and haven't caught the bug), we'll try and keep the odd pic popping up to remind people what's hiding in the reeds


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  • Good to hear you are safe & well Nick & have something to keep you occupied!


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  •  Yes Wendy I'm keeping busy and I have set myself a challenge. I started this map in 2014, now I'm stuck for a while I'm going to try and turn the whole map green. the green are all the countries I have made contact with already. 

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  • Hi Nick, good to know you are safe and well, we went to Minsmere last Wednesday but didnt see you but I did ask WJ if you were ok, I too am an amateur radio fan, my call sign is M0ITJ, I passed mine in 1993, so been a while, I usually use 2m, 70cms or now Zello app alot on my Inrico T320, network radio, its great, I talk to people all over the world and you dont need to hold a license to use zello so its great for people who want to learn too, take care

    kindest Regards, Paul

  • A'h you have been hiding among the radio waves have you Nick. Well done, stay home and keep safe.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to Bearofbarham:

    Hi Paul, It's great to hear from you and you are ok.
    Amateur Radio is a interesting hobby. I manly use HF but I can use VHF and UHF so you might hear me on 2m my callsign is 2E0NAQ.
    I'VE also got Zello app but don't use it much.

    Stay safe see you soon

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    Hi Nick, so glad your ok, keep safe,