What the Kittiwake Saw

Morning on the Scrape.

Not everyone likes being up with the larks, and certainly these Kitti-not-awakes are taking the opportunity for a bit of a lie in

Eventually one decides it's time to get up and check out what's happening around it.  A quick stretch is all that's required to get limbered up

The Kittiwake's used to seeing Avocets - they're plentiful around the area, though still a cause for excitement to visitors from areas away from the coast

Little Gulls are far less common though - and the chance to see both adult and juvenile was a nice surprise

Mrs WJ spotted a Sandwich Tern trying to join the Kittiwake on its rail, but it didn't stay long - rails are reserved for gulls at this time of year!

The Sandwich will have to join its relatives, the Common Terns, on an island instead

The Kittiwake perked up a bit when an unusual visitor, a Black Tern, was spotted as well

At least it was a distraction from the unceasing noise of the Black Headed Gulls, who seem unable to converse with anyone quietly

Distracted by waders, namely Black Tailed Godwit, Redshank and a Common Sandpiper...

It never saw the low-skimming Lesser Black Back until the Black Headed gulls erupted in fury as the big gull swept in to snatch a snack.

It's not always easy to watch, but the old saying is true.  In the midst of life, there is death and the fight for survival is universal. 

The Kittiwake settles down once more, just another day in the life of the Scrape....


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