• In reply to Sandra :

    Laddie delivered a headless fish at 10:32. Both went to claim it, LP8 took it first

    Shortly after Laddie had left, LR0 flew in and landed on the cam post. LP8 guarded its fish on his approach

    At 10:42, after eating some of its fish, LP8 took it off nest, headed in the direction of the birch and flew low behind it


  • In reply to Sandra :

    After a period of fish calling, LR0 flew from the nest and headed off to the birch area at 11:04

    11:10 Beautiful NC0 resting


  • NC0 still alone on the nest but very alert and looking around no doubt hoping Laddie will soon deliver her a fish as on scroll back it looks like both juvies have fed
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    Yes, both have eaten, Patily

    11:54 LR0 arrived at the nest (from beyond the birch corner), fish calling

    He headed off, flying over the birch, at 11:59

    12:05 NC0 continuing to have quiet time by herself



  • In reply to Sandra :

    12:42 Laddie delivered a fish to NC0. LR0, who had been on a lower branch of the birch, began his flight before Laddie arrived

    Laddie flew off

    NC0 picked up the fish in her beak

    And flew off with it

    LR0 looked a little bemused

    NC0 returned with her part-eaten fish at 12:56 - LP8 was on the nest perch at the time - and she continued to eat her meal


  • 13:18 NC0 alone on the nest, fish calling

    Joined by LR0



  • In reply to Sandra :

    There was a dive from the lower branch of the birch at 15:51 - it was LR0. He had flown from the nest and landed there at 15:17. (BTW, NC0 had flown from the nest at 15:06, LR0 was with her at the time)

    15:17 LR0 calling for fish, LP8 on the perch

    Landing on the low branch

    15:51 A crow was pottering about on the nest

    LR0 heading down


    Lifting out of the water

    He made a beautiful glided flight high over the Loch and headed towards the inlet

    He carried on, flying low over the water. LR0 did not return to the nest so unsure if he caught himself a fish


  • In reply to Sandra :

    17:33 Both LP8 (right) and LR0 were flapping and shouting on the nest. Skydancing could be heard

    Laddie arrived with a large, headless fish at 17:35. Was it he who had been skydancing?

    Both went to take the fish

    LP8 succeeded

    A possible Osprey could be seen flying at speed (from right to left) over the Loch. It headed past the birch

    Both mantled and watched. Chipping could be heard

    Dinner time here, will check back 


  • In reply to Sandra :


    Both were watchful. There was distant alarm calling

    It was then back to usual. LP8 began tucking in


  • In reply to Sandra :

    LP8 had just finished its fish when Laddie delivered another at 18:04 - LR0 was extremely quick to grab it!

    It looked as if Laddie could do with a fish for himself!

    LR0 enjoying his meal

    LP8 left the nest at 18:10

    While eating his fish, LR0 was being pestered by a crow and shooed it from the perch after it dared to land there!

    18:16  He had a few more bites then LR0 took his fish off the nest

    Up and away!