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Things continued to go well at the beginning of June and on the 4th, we celebrated a record nine fish delivery day from Laddie. During the following week, the number of fish brought to the nest took a sudden decline and with this, we witnessed chick #3 befalling to sibling aggression - first from chick #1 and then chick #2. Very sadly, this then led to the dear Osplet being blocked from getting close to NC0 for feeding. Devastatingly, after a very early fish delivery on the morning of the 15th June, the middle chick subjected the youngest to a severe attack from which, in its weakened state, it could not get up from. The little one passed away on the nest a few hours later at the age of 23 days old.

  Soar high and free, brave #3 - you will always be remembered...


Subsequent to the passing of the youngest chick, fish deliveries from Laddie began to increase with him even outdoing his previous record by bringing an amazing ten to the nest on a single day. NC0 made her first dive from the split birch (since the chicks had hatched) on the 24th June and brought her catch back to the nest, much to the surprise of the chicks!
The youngsters have continued to grow at an amazing rate and, on the evening of the 27th June - at the ages of 39 and 37 days old respectively - they were ringed. Their genders could not be determined.
A milestone for the chicks was observed on the evening of the 29th June when both self-fed and the following day, LR0 showed its strength of character to successfully claim two fish!
Hopefully, LP8 and LR0 will continue to do well and that we will witness their successful fledges this month.

Nest Updates

Arrival dates:  Laddie - 13.3.22   NC0 - 23.3.22

Three eggs laid:  Egg #1 - 12.4.22   Egg #2 - 15.4.22   Egg #3 - 18.4.22

Hatch dates:  Chick #1 - 19.5.22   Chick #2 - 21.5.22   Chick #3 - 23.5.22

15.6.22:  At 23 days old, chick #3 passed away 

27.6.22:  Our osprey chicks have been ringed! (Genders not able to be positively determined, ? both males)

Chick #1: LP8 (39 days old) - wing measurement = 360mm, weight = 1.5kg

Chick #2: LR0 (37 days old) - wing measurement = 315mm, weight = 1.44kg

Fledge dates: LP8 - 13.7.22 (10:06) 55 days old   LR0 - 15.7.22 (13:55) 55 days old


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  • 00:27 NC0 on her perch, LP8 (front) and LR0 sleeping


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Morning all,

    NC0 and the chicks are in the same positions as at 'bedtime' last night. 

    No fish as yet.


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Good morning, Sandra!  I was just doing a wake-up check but I won't continue now.

    First sign of NC0 getting ready, the chicks had a prance over half an hour later, then NC0 flew @ 05:23:

    My internal network went down again this morning, dang Microsoft.


  • Hi Scylla,

    After a quick scroll back I've found 2 fish deliveries this morning 


    9:45 Headless

    NC0 mantled and alarm called for a minute or two just after 11am. No threat seen



  • Well done Sandra for providing OP for July 2022, the mention of that littl'uns sad passing is immortalised here! Know it was not easy to revisit the tragic events!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    Thanks Wendy, it took a few evenings to think about and produce it - a box of tissues close by came in handy...

    I can't find any more fish deliveries on scroll back since those this morning.
  • In reply to Sandra :

    17:01 NC0 flew onto the nest with a tiny fish. I didn't see her dive from the birch or hear a splash immediately beforehand

    She gave her feathers a shake

    NC0 gave LR0 (left) a piece of fish

    LR0 turned away immediately as LP8 stood tall. It was just a visual threat, no actual aggression shown

    LR0 eating its piece that had been given

    NC0 feeding LP8

    LR0 had to wait to receive a bite or two (which were snatched from NC0). This was a chunk from the end of the fish


  • In reply to Sandra :

    NC0 with another (much larger) fish at 17:15. She flew in from the left side of the screen and not towards the nest from the birch area

    Another shake of her feathers

    A long 'strand' for LP8

    Feeding LR0

    Tug-o'-fish initially given to LP8 (left) from NC0

    LR0 won

    Fish was finished at 17:35ish. LP8, LR0 and NC0 ate well.

    NC0 must be diving out of cam view?

    EDIT: When she initially left the nest at 17:08ish, she did sit on her diving birch but flew from there, heading right, and then turned back as if to go around the birch corner - I lost sight of her then.


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Interesting, NC0’s found a new fishing spot!
  • In reply to Glider:

    The clarity of the picture at the birch area wasn't very clear at all due to the dull, wet weather so have to assume that she found a new spot to dive from, Glider.

    18:23 Laddie delivered the next fish