Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 June 2022

  • In reply to Pat O:

    Pat: What a coincidence! The photo was taken by N. Lewis of the U. S. National Park Service at Shenandoah National Park. I used the pic for my card because it's labeled "Public Domain," which means there's no copyright in force, so anyone can use it for any reason. Goldfinches nest on my patch every year, and beautiful flocks of them migrate through here. We used to have bluebirds here, but I haven't seen one for many years. I think it's because the ecosystem has changed.I hope your friend had a good time in the U.S. 

  • RUSTY Well done on your bird rescue.

    Annette lad you arrived save and sound. Hope your Sisters move back home goes smoothly and that you are able to spend some good time with her.
  • Good morning. It feels a bit fresher here today for which I am grateful. Nice and sunny though.
    I am going to visit a friend in a care home this afternoon. She has asked me to get her a bit of shopping and I will take her a bunch of sweet peas.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
  • Good Morning. Dry here but it could prove showery later on. Taking my OH shopping for a new pillow, as you wouldn't believe how old his pillow is! He has clung on to it but now has had to admit its probably a health hazard. :-0

    Not told him but I'm also going to buy him some new underwear whilst he's not looking!

    Have a good day All.
  • LINDA – You may buy him underwear but will he wear the new? Perhaps my mother’s trick – she would burn the old stuff while my father was out for the day LOL.

    Mostly successful morning – I delivered extinct jumpers to shop that collects for Dogs Home, captured a few photos, but alas no shoes from shop recommended by Big-Sis. They were all clunky & heavy looking when I wanted a simple pair of “slip-ons”. OH went to city to lunch. Having left when I was out, he forgot his mask. It must be worn on bus, no wonder driver glared at him.

  • A partly successful trip -- bought 3 pillows altogether, as a Sale was on, & so I pointed out that our guest bed has rather old ones... However, when we got home I found that the pillow my OH had chosen for himself looked decidedly plumper, and wasn't the one he chose at all - in fact it was a much plumper price, too! It's going back. <sigh>

    Marks & Spencer next --- whilst my OH read a book in the car, I bought a sweet little dress for baby of the family, Rosie, and my OHs boxer short undies. I presented him with them on our return & he only protested mildly. So that's OK. :-)

    Edit: AQ -- I throw them in the bin one at a time, over time,  when they're getting old!

  • Today's quotes:

    There is a vast difference between success at twenty five and success at sixty. At sixty, nobody envies you. Instead, everybody rejoices generously, sincerely, in your good fortune. Marie Dressler.

    "I don't see why not, young man. You look reasonably fit to me"
    Winston Churchill, to a photographer picturing him on his 80th birthday, who expressed a wish to photograph him again on Churchill's 100th birthday.
  • Lindy - the cartoon is very apt. I love the quotes too. Shame you have to go back with the pillow. Why do these things always happen?
    I have just had a walk round the garden. It was supposed to be relaxing. In fact I just noted lots of things which need doing!!!!
    I have made a list!!!
  • Good Morning. Sunny here again,but not particularly warm.

    Rusty: I never go to do work in the garden without noticing another 6 things which need attention. They don't always get done! We muddle along. Today I'll hang up a basket of flowers which we planted up a couple of weeks ago, and have been nursing & spoiling to give it a start.